Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Happy New Year… 2017, pretty amazing. Weren’t we just fretting over Y2K? I can’t believe we are looking down the barrel of 2020, it’s like a sci fi movie!!! Not quite the dystopian society of apocalyptic movies past but still pretty amazing. The future feels less futuristic than I expected though LOL

We had a nice New Year’s… our annual New Year Chinese dinner at Blue Sky with my Mom and Aunt had to be rescheduled because my Aunt was sick with the awful cold that everyone seems to be getting. So, we just took my mom out to dinner new year’s eve instead. We’ll do Blue Sky later I’m sure :)

After dinner we dropped my mom off at home and went home to watch the east coast feed of the ball drop on CNN. Kathy Griffin annoys me. She used to be so funny but now she sometimes crosses from funny to annoying. But, Anderson Cooper is still pretty adorable so I enjoy watching their New Year’s thing. After the New York new year we headed out to Renegades for a bit to bring in our own new year. It was a nice night, very low key for us both really. I sat and watched the goings on and chatted with a few guys here and there, and Bob stayed front and center to watch a couple of drag performances by one of our friends Woo Woo. I really wish I was more comfortable around guys in drag. I really do adore Woo Woo and her other persona George. It’s not the gender bending thing I’m uncomfortable with, it’s the attention. They demand the spotlight, and are outrageous doing it. And the last thing I want is to be in the middle of outrageous spotlights. Just the fact that they demand so much attention makes me uncomfortable and I am always stuck in the “please don’t come over to me please don’t come over to me please don’t come over to me” frame of mind LOL Of course Woo Woo did several times, one time slapping my face with her big balloon balls (she was performing to AC/DC’s Big Balls, which really was totally awesome). I played along but inside I was just mortified by it all. Sigh, someday I’ll grow up and deal with groups better :P anyway, it was a nice night overall and good to get out to bring in the new year with Bob.

Sunday I was super beat. Almost oddly so. I had an upset stomach all day and spent almost all day dozing on the couch. I was just so tired. Not sure if I had a bit of food poisoning or what but it definitely knocked me out all day. I truly barely got up off the couch at all :P

Yesterday I felt better. I had to go in to the office for a bit to close out payroll for everyone. I really don’t mind coming in on the holiday for these payroll closes. It earns me tons of brownie points for sure, and is no big deal. For me, as long as I get to sleep in, it feels like I got my holiday. Payroll was a mess though. The timekeepers just don’t do well with these early holiday closes. I think I got it all cleaned up though. We’ll know when everyone gets paid this week LOL

Today… today is a good day for me. The new manager position we created, that will be taking a large chunk of my duties off my plate, starts today. As of today I am no longer supervising the Admin group. The last 2 years doing it has been rough for me. I took it on because I knew it was the right thing to do but damn, it has really been stressful and hard and affected my real work, Human Resources, Labor Management and Payroll management. Now with the new manager and the new year I’m hoping I can get back on track with my own job and make it great again, and not be putting in so many extra unpaid hours too. I did an ok job by the staff but I’m glad they will have a full time manager to support them now.

I think that is all I’ve got for now. I hope you all have had a fantastic new year!


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