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Lordy I’m tired. What a whirlwind weekend. I was up early on Thursday morning for my flights to Fargo. Both were annoyingly delayed due to “small mechanical problems”. I barely made my connection in Dallas and then didn’t get in to Fargo until after 10 Thursday night, just as the last bit of sunlight was disappearing into the night. I loved the late night light in Fargo, looooong days with light starting around 5 am and disappearing about 10.

Friday morning I was up so freaking early for no reason. I woke up about 6:30 which was 4:30 my time, it should have been the other way around LOL I read while Bob slept til 8. We got up and headed over to Todd’s place. It was the first time I was able to see the home we bought him. We did a good job LOL It is a very nice condo, and great space for him, Angie and Kelly. Todd’s mom Lois was there so we took her and Kelly to breakfast while Todd and Angie got things ready for the wedding that afternoon. I really enjoyed seeing Kelly again. She’s grown a bit, but still totally adorable. And she does love her grampa. I’m amazed at how much I love that.

After breakfast we hung out a bit then went back to the motel to get out of their way and rest a bit. I was beat after traveling the day before and waking up so early. Around 3 Bob and I went to pick up Bob’s sister, Wendy, at her motel and then headed back to Todd’s for the wedding. The house was full with mostly Angie’s family. At first glance, very North Dakota religious redneck, but overall friendly. The two families didn’t mix much which was fine.

Angie’s mom was running about putting ummmm… boutineers? Is that what they are called? Flowers to pin on lapels LOL on all the immediate family. Angie’s father, brothers, and children, and Todd’s family… Lois, then Bob. I just sat and watched all the goings on. Then someone said they had one more flower and Angie’s daughter said that it was for Todd’s “other Dad, Phil”. I was touched, and didn’t expect it at all. And so began the rest of the weekend of being introduced as Todd’s other dad, or Todd’s Dad. Even Todd called me “his other dad”. I’ve gotten used to being called Kelly’s grampa, but this was the first time I was referred to as his dad. It really was unexpectedly touching to me. Todd has been a part of my life the same 25 years that Bob has but this was the first time I ever really realized he feels the same about me that I do about Sandy, my dad’s wife. Sandy is a parent and a friend and important part of my life. Realizing I meant the same to Todd was nice.

The wedding. It was very nice. They held it in the neighbor’s yard under a giant tree. Angie’s 3 older children stood by her side, and by Todd’s side were Kelly and Todd’s cousin Kent. Angie’s friend Jason performed the ceremony, in a kilt, which I hear really really irritated Angie’s parents LOL They are very religious and a kilted officiator and a non-religious ceremony is not what they would have liked for their daughter’s wedding (bad enough it was her second wedding LOL). The wedding was very from the heart, I could tell Jason cared deeply for Angie and Todd and was very sweet. They were pronounced man and wife and then did a secondary ceremony where they, and then each of the four kids, poured colored sand into a bottle, to celebrate the blending of their two families together. It was really a very nice touch.

After the ceremony Todd barbequed hamburgers for everyone… he needs work in his bbq skills, they were all raw inside, bleh. LOL… Kelly was eating hers and asked Todd’s Mom “why is this all red inside, I’ve never seen a hamburger red inside”. Lois just said that just means it is extra yummy. I wanted to beg to differ but didn’t want to confuse her even more. But bleh… he needs to learn to cook them better. After dinner Bob and I didn’t stay too long and went back to the motel for a quiet rest of the evening.

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast then went to pick up Wendy and head to Valley City, an hour west of Fargo. Angie’s parents were hosting a wedding reception at their house there and we headed up a few hours early and met up with another of Bob’s sister’s, Paula for lunch before the reception. Paula lives ummmm… I have no idea where, but somewhere deeper and a few hours away in North Dakota, so it was easiest to just meet her in town before the reception. Lunch was in a weird little restaurant called the Viking Room, and we had the sweetest little gay waiter. Lordy what a peppy little queen he was LOL Paula brought her husband and two year old grandson who she was babysitting for the weekend. He was pretty adorable. One of Paula’s daughters, Betsy, showed up with her two little ones. OMG, one of them was a holy terror. A holy terror!!!!! I think something is wrong with him honestly, he is beyond hyperactive and downright defiant. Truly… what a freaking little brat. After lunch we took him to the park to try and run off some energy (it didn’t help), then finally headed to Angie’s parents around 4. Angie’s parent’s house was decorated in an odd mix of holy crosses, religious-y artwork, and Harley Davidson stuff. It was pretty clear that Todd’s family (two gay dads and a bisexual mom) was not their cup of tea, but on the surface at least they were very friendly and nice and welcoming. It’s always hard not to feel the undercurrent of “they sure are nice too bad they are going to burn in hell” floating in the air towards us, but at least everyone was friendly. I spend quite a bit of time with Kelly until she wore me out, then mostly sat quietly watching all the friends and family socialize.

Soon it was time to head back to Fargo. We got back a little after 9 and I crashed fast knowing I had to be up at 4 for my flight home. Flights back to San Jose were easy and uneventful. But, still exhausting. After I got home I spent most of the afternoon being lazy and giving Sophie kitty lovins. Not much else.

This week, I suspect it will be quiet with Bob gone. I don’t think I will do much for the 4th tomorrow. I may wander up to the top of the hill and watch the fireworks over San Jose tomorrow night. Or not LOL Bob gets home Sunday so I anticipate a lazy week ahead. I even loaded up on lean cuisine frozen dinners to keep from cooking (or more important going out for fast food).

Happy Monday and enjoy your 4th y’all!
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Still in a bit of recovery mode after the cruise. I spoke with Marlene yesterday, she and my Mom are talking again, much faster than I expected. She is just putting the bad times with my Mom behind pretty easy so I’m glad for that.

We had my Mom over for our weekly dinner last night and I got some updates on my cousin Randy’s death and cousin Becky’s health after her seizure last week. Randy… he has struggled with meth and other addictions most his life. His mind and body were so damage from all the years of abuse that it was always still just a bit of a surprise he was still alive when we would see him. When I saw him at Christmas he was barely a living skeleton. His mind was so drug damaged from all the years of abuse that you would have sworn he was on meth or speed just listening him talk, and talk, and talk, and talk. On Christmas he literally drove 2 hours from SF to my Gram’s house, spent 20 minutes there talking non-stop, then turned around and drove back home to SF. 4 hours drive, 20 minute visit, and I was so glad he didn’t stay longer. He was a mess and has been since he was young and was bounced around living with his mom (Linda), then his dad (my Mom’s brother) for a while, then my grandparents for 2 or 3 years and finally back to his mom. I suppose things may have turned out different if he had been able to stay with my grandparents, but it was his time with his mom after that that things just went to shit for him.

A few weeks ago, Randy moved with his mom Linda to Galt, about a mile from my Gram. Linda’s latest husband died a few months ago and she left SF for a clean break of sorts and I guess to be closer to family (though oddly not her family but ours) last month. Anyway, Randy got up on Thursday and told her he wanted borrow her car to drive to SF to see some friends. He told her he “knew he didn’t have much longer and wanted to say goodbye”. Randy has been sick in mind and body for so many years she didn’t think much about it. So, he took the car, spent the day with friends and called her in the afternoon to say he was going to stop at a fast food spot to have a bite to eat then would be heading home. He never came home. Linda got a call from the police the next morning saying Randy had been found “unresponsive” behind the wheel of his car in the restaurant parking lot, partially eaten bag of fast food in the seat next to him. There was no sign of trauma or anything, he just looked like someone who had passed out I guess. It sounds like he literally just… died. Right there in between bites of his Big Mac or Whopper or whatever. So fast and probably painless. A good way to go really. He was only 52 years old.

I tend to forget he and I were pretty close when we were young. He was my crazy and funny older cousin. He and Becky were the only cousins I was really close with, oh, and I guess Teddy too, but I was more big brother to him instead of the other way around. We spent so many years after his childhood with him being the Randy that was in trouble, on drugs, in jail, in the hospital, stealing from my grandma etc etc etc that I’ve sort of forgotten the Randy I looked up to and laughed and played with when we were kids. Remembering that makes me a little sad for his loss, but really he was lost decades ago so who knows. I just wish he could have had a better life.

Becky… she is out of the hospital. She had a grand mal seizure shortly after she was told that Randy died. She and Randy were super close but I have a hard time thinking it was his death that caused the seizure. She swears that is what set it off though. Poor thing… when she finally came to in the hospital she had zero memory of anything before or during the seizure, which meant also had to be told Randy died, again. She was pretty crushed, again. Anyway, even though she is out of the hospital, she has lots of tests to do. They are saying epilepsy but who knows exactly what that means. She has had much smaller ummmm… I think they call them auditory seizures for years now but doctors either never could figure out what was causing them, or didn’t believe that she was actually having them. I guess they believe her now.

She is staying at my Grandma’s house… a very full house at this point for a 90 year old woman to have to deal with. Let’s see… at last I heard, the house had:
*Gram and Aunt Garland (Becky’s mom) who live in the house together
*Becky, post-seizure,
*Becky’s daughter Amanda who mysteriously showed up 3 months ago on Gram and Gar’s doorstep, 8 months pregnant and with *one* of her two young children. She had the baby a month ago and we still have no idea why she left (I keep saying “escaped”) her husband, with only two of 3 children, and where her husband and daughter are.
*and last, little Gianna… Gram’s 5 year old great great granddaughter who is living with them because her mother Katie is in jail for grand theft auto.

Ugh… 90 years old with all those people in the house, 3 of them under 5 years old. Poor Gram.

Anyway… Becky is in a bad position. She can’t drive due to the seizure and her license is suspended for the time being. Her job as a caretaker for an elderly family is in a rural area outside of Galt (rural and rulal-er LOL) and there are no transportation options for her, so it looks like she has to quit her job. She loved that job and is pretty heartbroken about it. Also, my understanding is getting disability for epilepsy is darn near impossible since technically people can work most the time, with the occasional seizure here and there. Sigh… another mouth for my Gram to feed is what this is looking more and more like :( Hopefully they will find out what is wrong though, and maybe get her on meds to control this. I’ve always been pretty close to Beck so am really hoping she pulls through this ok.

It’s so weird, when I first found I was HIV positive, my assumption is I would soon be dead and my cousins would all have to deal with losing me (or not give a damn as the case may have been for some of them). I didn’t expect to be outliving them instead. I’m sure my Gram feels much the same… she didn’t expect to watch her children and grandchildren die before her. Life is a crazy bitch sometimes.

I suppose at some point I will have a silent toast to Randy. I guess a drink would be a poor choice, considering his addiction issues LOL But maybe a donut or slice of pizza. Not that he had any connection to those for me, but I like donuts and pizza… so why not raise one to him in his memory LOL
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Home again home again, giggity giggity.

Back home in sweltering California after a nice trip away. Overall, the trip went well with a few bumps. I’d have to say the experiment of taking my Mom and Aunt Marlene on a cruise was a bit of a failure though. My Aunt was fine but my Mom, well… it didn’t go great. My hope was that a cruise vacation would be much less active, and technically it is, but still too much for her. I think I nearly broke her a few times on this trip. The walking, even just across the ship, is tough for her. Walking in New York and on the excursions off the ship, I think I nearly broke her a couple of times. Her weight and back problems are really ummmm… weighing her down (no pun intended). Most of the trip I could tell she was really struggling with pain when we were walking. Also all the food was just too much for her. I know she had an upset stomach much of the trip too. Sadly, I know she spent a good deal of the trip hurting from walking, upset tummy and being cranky. Of course, it didn’t help that she stopped taking her anti-depressant the day we started the trip (which I found out from Mar on day 5 of the cruise). She fucking pisses me off with this sort of thing. Years ago on a trip to Hawaii she decided to quit smoking, without telling us, then was a raving bitch the whole trip and we had no idea what was going on. This time, she didn’t take her depression meds because they made here sleepy the next day, so she skipped them. And by the 4th day it was showing and I was just assuming the mood change was related to her not feeling good (which contributed I’m sure). Marlene got the brunt of it, usually after the door closed to their cabin and Bob and I headed away leaving them alone. Mar was very clear that my Mom was *much* nicer when she was in front of me than she is when the two of them were alone. By the end of the trip she and Mar were barely speaking, not good. The chances that we will get Mar to take another cruise with us are slim, unless we go with my cousin Jennifer and her family (which we have discussed). If we go with Jen and her family it may help to take some of the tension because Mar is much closer with them, which would leave Mom to Bob and I most the time. Ugh. hahaha

New York… such an interesting town. So much to love and so much not to. I kept thinking that… “I love this” and “ugh” hahaha We stayed at Night Hotel Times Square which was just a ½ block off the square on 47th street. Perfect location for getting to everything. We got to town, had dinner at an Irish pub across the street from the hotel then wandered Times Square, stopping at Junior’s for their famous (and so yummy) cheesecake before bed. Friday I got us a New York City Pass for museums and stuff which included Hop On Hop Off bus tour tickets. We hopped on the bus and it drove us around Mid-Town seeing the sites and yada yada. We got off at the stop closest to the 9/11 memorial and walked towards the memorial. It was just too long of a walk for my Mom though. We had to stop several times but finally made it to the memorial site. The museum was swamped, literally a multiple hour line to get in, so we ended up skipping it knowing my mom couldn’t stand in line that long. We headed over to the One World tower and went up to the top. I had bought front of line passes for that so we were able to skip the major line and go straight to the elevators. It’s a long way up, definitely the tallest building I’ve ever been in. Such beautiful views with all of New York below. After that we headed back towards the bus pick up point. My poor Mom was really struggling. We just walked a block and stopped, walked a block and stopped. Pretty much the entire trip went that way. We finally got back to the bus and took it back to Times Square. We never did use our New York passes, except for the bus, the walking was just too much for my Mom. I was bummed we spent the money but oh well. After resting at the hotel a bit we had dinner and then were off to the Schubert Theater to see Hello Dolly with Bette Midler, two days before she won the Tony!!! Thankfully I’m a planner, sometimes I start formulating ideas in my head long before actually making a full decision on them. I bought these tickets back in September I think, not totally sure how I was going to use them and then built this vacation sort of around them. I figured if it turned out we didn’t go to New York I could easily sell them on stubhub. But yay, we used them and it was such an awesome show. We were up in the Mezzanine but the seats were great. I could see Bette’s face so clear and well, and every little nuance she brought to the performance was in full view. Thank goodness for Broadway’s smaller theaters. I honestly wasn’t totally sure I’d like the show. I don’t enjoy a lot of the older “classic” musicals as much sometimes, and after buying the cast recording there certainly weren’t many toe tapping songs to stick in my head. But… I loved it. I probably wouldn’t have as much as I did if it had been another actress, but Bette made it her own. She was Dolly Levy to the tee and it was fun seeing it just two days before she won the Tony.

The cruise… this was my first cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line. We were on their ship, the Gem and I think NCL ties with MSC as my least favorite cruise line. At best I can only rate them a C. The ship, while only 10 years old, was not in tip top shape, lots of small things adding up, like elevator buttons not working or poorly designed set ups. The one highlight was dinners in the restaurants you have to pay an additional fee for. I had one of the best steaks I’ve ever had at their steakhouse, and I loved their Churrascaria (Brazillian BBQ where they walk around with meat on sticks). But the rest of the food in the non-fee restaurants… it was pretty unimpressive. We ate in the buffet (so so), the Chinese restaurant (bad), and the Irish Pub (terrible). Other than food, service was meh. The entertainment, pretty bad. All the bars and lounges had very mediocre to bad (and very loud) entertainment such as piano, karaoke, a newlywed style game (so bad) and a hypnotist (so so so so bad). On the main stage we sat through a painfully bad Second City comedy show one night and watched a county music review another before we gave up on the nightly main stage shows. The country music one at least had good singing, but the dancing and “theme” felt like a really bad version of one of these Kids of the Kingdom type shows you’d see at Great America or something. Mar and I were totally cracking up because half the audience got up and gave them a standing ovation after the show. She turned to me and was like “were we watching the same show, or have they changed the definition of standing ovation???”). She and I laughed about that a few times. But I think that is the crux of my whole experience with Norwegian… I’ve done much better, many times. I’m sure to people who had never cruised before, or only every left their little red state once in their life, thought this cruise was the bee’s knees and an incredible experience. I’m sure if I’d never been cruising before I would have been in awe of it all. But I have, and I think I will stick with better cruise lines in the future LOL

Itinerary… I love the Maine/Canada itinerary, though I liked the one we did on Holland America better a few years back. This time we went to Halifax in Nova Scotia, St John in New Brunswick, and Bar Harbor and Portland in Maine. I just love it up there. The weather could not have been more perfect the whole trip and we got to see sites like Peggy’s Cove and the Bay of Fundy changing its tidal direction. In Bar Harbor we took a bus tour through Acadia National Park and then met up for lunch with my Aunt Dotty, her boyfriend Chuck, son Bob and his wife Barbara. It was a great, but short, visit. In Portland we took a tour that stopped at a lighthouse and then spend some time in Kennebunkport.

People on the ship… it was a slightly older crowd and very straight (duh). I’d say most were East Coast people. Bob and I did go to the “Friends of Dorothy/LGBTQ meet and greet” the first night and met a handful of guys that we were able to chat with here and there the rest of the trip. That was a nice bit, to have a little gay interaction here and there at least. Actually, we met one handsome Italian man named Max and ended up having a fun little 3-way with him a few nights later. It was the first time Bob and I had sex together in years. It was fun, and Max was a good guy to sort of break the ice with us dipping into those waters again for the first time in ages.

Homecoming… disembarking the ship went well. I was a little nervous about our 1:00 flight out of JFK so we elected to do the self-disembarkation where you carry your own luggage off the ship and get off before everyone else. It was a breeze, even with me carrying my luggage and my mom’s and we made it to JFK in record time, plenty of time for us to make our 1:00 flight that ended up delayed until 2:30 LOL Sadly, once we were at JFK I started checking my mail and such and got a message that my cousin Randy had died on Thursday. I told my mom and she was pretty upset, but then I got another message and found out my cousin Becky was hospitalized in ICU, she had a grand mal seizure after she found out Randy died and was not doing well at all. She is doing better today from what I hear and may be out of the hospital tomorrow, but what a terrible thing to come back to. I didn’t want to tell my mom until we got home but Bob told her anyway. She was devastated, more so about Becky than Randy but still, she was very upset. It made for a very long trip home for her I’m sure, especially since she and Mar were barely talking to each other at this point. I think they didn’t say 5 words to each other the entire way home :P

We came home to a heat wave, it is sweltering hot out there this week. Over 100 degrees most the week I think. Once back in California Bob and I dropped my Mom and Mar off at their places. We got home about 8:00, rested a bit, then decided to be crazy and go to the monthly underwear party at Renegades LOL. OMG, I needed a gay night out after 10 days with my mom. It was a lot of fun, so warm and so full of fun men in their undies. I made out with a couple I’ve wanted to for quite some time and had a great time. Bob got a little too drunk though :P We took Lyft home and picked up my car the next day LOL

Sunday, recovery day, unpacking and getting caught up with things at home. We went grocery shopping late in the day. For some reason the entire frozen section was blocked off, sorry Bob, no ice cream. We got to the checkout, and had just 3 items left to go through price check and *poink* heat wave power outage. GRRRRR. Apparently it had been happening all day, which is why the frozen food was blocked off. Such a waste, they have to throw it all out. We waited about 20 minutes for the computers to reboot, the checker said it would take 10 minutes but just as it was coming back up the power blinked again and the 10 minute reboot started again. Thankfully they got us through the next time and we were finally able to get checked out and take our groceries back to a very empty fridge LOL I was glad they didn’t have to throw all our stuff out too, which they would have had to do if we had ended up leaving it.

So… long update, I’m sure I missed lots. I’m sad things didn’t work out so well for us to do cruises with my Mom on this trip. Overall it was just exhausting to me. I pretty much had to run the show every moment we were gone. She, Mar and Bob were just so completely lost the whole time it seemed. I swear we couldn’t walk out a doorway without them looking at me to know what way to turn. I know I’m a bit of a control queen at times but this was just too fucking much, they had no independence at all :P and having to do the whole balancing act of being patient with my Mom and brokering peace with her and Mar, and keeping Bob happy too, not the most relaxing trip. I think cruises are probably out for us as a group in the future, and we may just be limited to renting a condo by the sea in places like San Diego or maybe Hawaii. At least when we rent a condo we are all in the same “home” and it helps Ma and Mar not be locked in a room together alone so much of the time. I guess we will see what plan I can come up with in the future :)

Ok… back to work. I have a ton of emails and such backed up from being gone. I best get back to it. Cheers!
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Another weekend that zoomed by way to quick. At least the weather was freaking gorgeous, yay for almost summer!

Friday night Bob and I watched Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice on HBOgo in preparation for seeing Wonder Woman later in the weekend. We had never seen BvS so it seemed like a good thing to check out. It was pretty meh bordering on bad. I think the only parts I truly enjoyed were the scenes with Wonder Woman in them. I’m so glad I didn’t go to the theaters to see it :P

Saturday morning we took my Mom to the 10 am showing for Wonder Woman with my Mom. I really enjoyed it. I was a little nervous after not enjoyed BvS so much the night before but this was such a different movie altogether. Gal Gadot is pretty near perfect as Wonder Woman. It did suffer just a bit from “must get through the origin and introduce the character” issues that almost all first hero movies have. I’ve found that with hero movies, the sequel is *usually* just a bit better than the first because they can move right into the action without the long-winded how they came to be story. Even so, I pretty much enjoyed Wonder Woman beginning to end so yay that. I’m actually much more jazzed at the thought of Wonder Woman II than I am over the upcoming Justice League movie. But… this movie did give me hope the JL won’t be awful LOL

Sunday morning we joined friends for their weekly Sunday breakfast. I’m enjoying the breakfasts now that even if Bob goes every week I skip them here and there. It feels less like an expectation and more of a "sure, I'll do breakfast" thing. I probably would have opted to skip it this weekend if we weren’t going to be gone for the next couple of weeks. I knew Bob would want to see them since he won't til we get back so going along was sort of a given this time. I did enjoy it though.

After lunch, Bob and I drove up into the hills just south of us. He’s been wanting to drive up there for a while. We look at them out our back window all the time, so let’s drive up there LOL He really wanted to drive all the way up to Mount Umunhum but when after winding our way up the mountain to the Umunhum Road it was closed. I guess they are still working on fixing it after all the rains and mudslides over the winter.
It’s supposed to reopen later this summer, so we will try it again. I haven't been up to the top of Mt Umunhum since I was a kid (I always thought it was Mt M & M which was so much more appealing to me) so I'm looking forward to getting up there at some point. But... with the road closed we just pulled off at one of the hiking points and wandered around the trails for a bit. We had some gorgeous views of San Jose, the bay and the whole valley floor. I survived without poison oak or falling into a ravine or getting eating by a mountain lion so my day outdoors was a win I think. LOL

Short work week for me. So much to get done before vacation. We leave for New York eaaaaaarly on Thursday morning. We are supposed to pick up my aunt at 3:45 and my Mom around 4 to be at SF airport about 5, ugh! We will spend Friday in New York, see Bette Midler in Hello Dolly Friday night and then our cruise leaves NY on Saturday. I wish I was looking forward to this more than I am. My Mom just has such a hard time walking much at all now before she is huffing and puffing and hurting. I booked us on a hop on hop off tour bus thing in NYC for Friday. Hopefully that will minimize walking quite a bit. I know we will go to the World Trade Center memorial and up in the One World building to the observation deck area. Other than that I think we will mostly just let the tour bus show us the sights and not do any real museums or anything. I don’t know why it was so much easier with my Dad, going on cruises with him and he couldn’t walk, but he is still so much more independent than my Mom is. I just want to really try and not get totally frustrated with her on this trip. I’m hoping it turns out taking cruises with her is ok, our days of hiking places like Zion and Yellowstone are done, but I hope this works out for us to all have a nice trip together.

For the cruise itself, it will go to St John (Bay of Fundy) and Halifax in Canada, then Bar Harbor and Portland in Maine. Not the best Northeast itinerary but I think my Mom and Mar will enjoy it. When we are in Bar Harbor we will meet up with my Aunt Dotty and some of her family for lunch, after we all take a little bus tour of Acadia National Park. I love the northeast, I really do. I'm hoping this may prompt Bob to want to take a road trip up there sometime in the future :)

I guess that is all that is floating in my head for right now. It’s a bright sunny day here, hopefully the same for you all. Cheers!
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Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend. That is my opinion and we should all change to a 4 day work week.

I do sometimes consider signing up to switch my schedule to 4/10’s (four 10 hour days) or 9/80’s (nine 9 hour days a pay period) but never have done it. I think I would do better with 9/80s. I am almost always here over 9 hours anyway and would be nice to get Friday off every other week. But… I’m too lazy to make it happen LOL

The weekend was a good long one. We had lunch with Dave, Aaron and Steven came down from SF for lunch on Saturday. Was great to see Aaron, I don’t think I’ve seen him since he was out from New Mexico in December. And always a nice time lunching with Dave. They all headed on to motorcycle up north for the rest of the day and Bob and I went home and relaxed for the afternoon.

Sunday we went to breakfast with some friends, finally at a different spot than the normal place they go to every Sunday LOL Our friend Bob seems to be doing somewhat ok after dealing with lung cancer for over a year now. I think the prognosis has switched back over to “not good” in the last couple of weeks but he is dealing with it all. I know it is very rough on him and his husband both but they seemed in good spirits.

Yesterday we went over to Santa Cruz, wandered around Capitola for the morning, enjoying the beach and looking at the beach-goers LOL Bob was in a rare shopping mood so he ended up buying a hat and a new rug for one of our entry ways. It was expensive. Now he wants another just like it for the upstairs door. I’m hoping he will forget, we can’t afford it :P

After our Capitola wander we headed up to Bonnie Doon to see my Dad and Step-Mom, Sandy. We have been trying to get my dad to agree to let us visit at the house for a long time now, well over a year I think, and he finally relented. It’s just so much more comfortable and nice to visit with him at the house instead of a quick lunch at a restaurant. I feel a little bad because I know he wants to go to a restaurant to meet largely because he doesn’t get a chance to get out of the house much anymore, but it had been just too long since we could actually sit and talk where he could hear at least part of the conversation as opposed to a noisy restaurant where he hears none of it. It was a great visit. He and I talked quite a bit, about his brother, my work, and other stuff. I sat down with him and showed him how to do tables in Word. He had been wanting to create a table to use so he could keep track of whether he had fed the dogs or not when Sandy is gone for a few days. So, we created a dog feeding schedule table for him to check off every time he feeds the dogs LOL. He really has become an old man in so many ways. It’s hard watching him get older and older and more forgetful and all of that. But… it was a good visit.

Unfortunately the snacks that Sandy made for us didn’t sit well, I think Bob and I both ended up with mild food poisoning of some sort all night. Bleh it was not a pleasant way to end the weekend. I feel a bit better now, good enough to go to work at least, but Bob was still feeling pretty yucky when I left this morning. Hopefully this will be a quick tummy issue for us both.

That seems to have been it for the weekend. We are heading in to pre-vacation mode this week, we leave Thursday next week so just a little over a week to start pulling everything together. I’ve been training our new office manager at work to do some of my work while I am gone, but she really is only going to do the lowest layers of it. But, better than nothing at all at least.

Happy 4 day work week y’all!
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What a great weekend. Temps in the 90s, sunny and gorgeous. We started the weekend by taking my Mom to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. What fun. I really enjoyed it. It had gotten mediocre reviews or at least "too similar to the first" reviews but I found the whole movie very enjoyable.

We had a very busy Saturday. My cousin Jennifer’s son, Duke, was playing in a softball tournament in Sunnyvale so she and the family were down from Discovery Bay for that. I haven’t seen Jennifer in about 10 years, but of all my cousins she was the closest to me growing up. We were sort of big brother little sister for much of our childhood. As we have gotten older we have not been nearly as close but still so wonderful to see her. Her boys, Truett and Duke, are 10 and 13 now, amazing, and her husband Jeff is doing very well working with the Warriors on merchandising and such.

Bob and I drove up to Sunnyvale to meet them, my Aunt Mar, and my Mom. We got there between Duke’s games so we didn’t really get to see him play at all. After being there a couple of hours I was done with sportsball watching. But, was really good to hang out with Jen and see the beautiful woman and incredible mother she has become.

After that we headed back to San Jose to rest a bit before heading north again. this time to Foster City to meet up with Dave and see Sister Act the Musical. We had planned on having pizza at a local build your own pizza place but when we got there it was closed with a big sign saying “closed at 6, not enough dinner staff”. OMG… that would suck for a business. Waiting for Dave I watched a LOT of people show up to the door then turn back around trying to figure out where to go next. We went to Armadillo Willy’s, which was a yummy alternative.

Sister Act was a fun show. I really enjoyed it. I have gotten to really like the smaller community theater shows. There are a lot of shows out there the I either missed their big run in the larger theaters, or they never had a real touring company to the theaters in the first place. Maybe they were never big hits like Wicked or Book of Mormon, but they are still fun little musicals to go see. The community theaters really have picked up on that nitch and I’ve got my eyes out on the theaters all across the bay area for shows like Sister Act, Addams Family, etc.

The cast in this one was awesome. There wasn’t a single mismatched voice or part. I was truly impressed by them all. I had heard the music on the cast album before so knew I would like it, and they did a great job with it. Yay for another show on my great big musical list LOL And Dave is always the perfect musical show buddy to go with cause I know he always loves them too.

After the show we almost headed back home to crash but we knew it was the monthly underwear party at Renegades and the 90 degree weather would likely make it a fun night. It was. I actually allowed myself to drink more than my usual one drink in San Jose. I told Bob I wanted to try drinking at the party for once and we could Lyft home. OMG San Jose is SO much more fun after a couple of drinks hahaha I hate that my social anxiety is so much better after 2 drinks than one, but it really was. I was a chatty cathy and a flirty frannie. I even got to play around a bit with someone I’ve wanted to play with for almost 20 years. It was fun!

Sunday I was up early, watched a couple of episodes of Amazing Race and just played couch potato until Bob got up later. We went shopping (new pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond, YAY) and did the groceries and stuff. It was a relaxing day :)

The week ahead… I feel like I’m forgetting something we have going on but sure can’t remember. I know Saturday we are meeting with Dave and Aaron who will be visiting from New Mexico, but not sure we have much else planned for the 3 day weekend. I guess we will see…
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It was quite a weekend. Friday was Bob’s and my 25th anniversary. 25 years since our first date. That first date night we each went to our weekly HIV support groups (mine was for those with HIV, I think his was for those who lost someone), then we met up in the lobby of the church the groups were held at. We went to Burger King and then back to his house to watch TV and eat. His son came home soon after we finished eating and I wasn’t sure what the story was or if Bob had overnight guests when Todd was home or what. So, I politely said it was time to go and ended our date. Possibly the only man I didn’t have sex with on the first date and I married him, I’m so traditional hahaha Anyway, our story has many twists and turns and ups and downs over the 25 years since, but we are still here and still moving on. Yay for that.

I took the day off on Friday so got to sleep in a bit. We got up and exchanged cards and the annual year in review letter I write for us every year. It was a much less tumultuous year this time around, another yay.

Bob had a HIV planning meeting to go to for a short bit then he and I headed over to Santa Cruz for a beach day. OMG it was gorgeous over there. It was warmer and nicer at the beach than it was in San Jose. Amazing. First thing I did when we drove in to town was stop at Ferrell’s Donuts. My favorite donut shop ever. Lordy I remember so many drunken stops there when I was a teenager. DONUT!!! Lol. So we got donuts to enjoy later and headed on towards the beach. We parked the car near the yacht harbor and walked along the beach and cliffs quite a ways. We eventually made our way up and over the river to the Boardwalk. We rode the Big Dipper roller coaster and walked around a bit before stopping to eat, he had an ice cream cone and I had a giant corn dog. It was clearly a day of decadence hahaha. We slowly made our way back to the harbor and the car (it seemed much further going back) and then headed back to San Jose, with my pirate’s booty of Ferrell’s donuts waiting for me to enjoy through the weekend LOL

Once we got home I rested a little bit before we got ready for dinner. We went over to pick up Ty and Tim and head to Saratoga to meet with Joe and Dan. Ty and Tim are notoriously late and I knew our dinner reservations would not be held if they were late, so going to pick them up and take them to the restaurant seemed like the easiest way to ensure they were on time It worked.

Joe and Dan also showed up on time and we headed in to La Fondue for our big anniversary dinner. I had come up with the idea of all of us having a fancy dinner together since Joe and Dan hit 25 years last August and Ty and Tim did in September. Joe, Ty and Bob were all close friends back then and it’s so interesting to me how 3 of them ended up coupling up with Dan, Tim and I for a lifetime right around the same time. 1991/1992 seemed to be a good period for couples. I know a few others that coupled in that same period.

Dinner was awesome. I love fondue restaurants and hadn’t been to La Fondue in prolly 20 years. The group was totally confused on how it worked and how to order, it was hard for me to not be totally grumpy over their confusion. It seemed so clear to me LOL Finally, when it came time to order, I just said “do you guys just want me to do this?”. They agreed so I got all the things I wanted, yay for confusion hahaha.

The set up, you get a salad to start, then the next course is a cheese fondue. You have about 8 different cheese fondues to choose from. Since we were a group of 6 we got to choose 2. They just weren’t getting that. I ordered us the cheddar beer and four cheese mushroom wine fondues. They do the melty cheese thing in the pots and bring you big trays of things to dip in them… breads and veggies mostly. OMG… so yummy.

The next course was the entrée course and you pick assorted meats to cook in the fondue pots. I picked 3 assortments, one that was mostly different marinated chicken and pork, one that was sirloin, lobster and shrimp, and the last one was the wild game plate… kangaroo, antelope, buffalo, alligator, wild boar and venison. They bring you the meats, all cut in to cubes and then you cook them in the fondue pots. The Sheldon in me was having a very very hard time with everyone else. I would put meat on my 3 fondue sticks and place them nicely in the pots, knowing where they were and blah blah blah. Everyone else was just putting the meat in, forgetting which was theirs, taking *mine* that I had so carefully chosen and placed where I would know it was mine LOL I can laugh at it now but it really was irritating the heck out of me at the time. Leave my meat alone!!! All in all it was fun though and so yummy.

The end was chocolate fondue for dessert. O! M! G! so good. We ordered a dark chocolate with ummmm… other stuff in it, and a white chocolate with Bailey’s Irish Cream. They brought couple of trays of things to dip… pound cake, rice crispy treats (win!!!), snickers bars, marshmallows, cheesecake, ice cream balls, fruit… lordy so much. And so good. What a nice night it ended up being. Though I really was about as stuffed as stuffed could be when we were done. The bill came out to just under $700, yikes! Definitely a special occasion type splurge, but very worth it.

So, we drove Ty and Tim home, and went to bed so completely bloated and full, I still didn’t get to start eating the donuts I bought hahaha. Saturday we were pretty lazy, didn’t really have breakfast or lunch after our big food day on Friday, and just took it easy. In the afternoon we finally went to go see Beauty and the Beast. I’m a little iffy on Disney remaking all its animated classics in to live action classics but it was a fun movie. I think I enjoyed it as much or more than the original so all good. It really is such an easy cash cow for Disney, redoing their movies again. I enjoyed the Jungle Book remake well enough, and now Beauty and the Beast so go them I guess.

Sunday was a do nothing-ish day. I fiddled around with copying old VHS tapes to DVD (thanks for Dave for letting us borrow the recorder) and got quite a few copied. One of my oldest tapes though, the first RSVP cruise tape in 1992, just won’t play. I’m bummed. But, I think the film quality may be ok, it’s just the tape mechanism. I will just have to pay to have it converted to DVD I think. We ended the weekend with me making stir fry for dinner and watching Guardians of the Galaxy in preparation for going to see GotG volume 2! I'm looking forward to it.

So wow… that was a longish post. Haven’t done that in a while. Now I’m ready for a nap hahaha. Happy Monday world!
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Seems like every time I turn around it’s Monday again. Poof, weekend (and another week) gone. It was a nice weekend though. Could have been a little warmer but at least not rainy. I went up to SF for a night out with [personal profile] dhbearguy on Friday night. That was nice. I was having a bad esteem night for some reason, feeling a bit out of place and not so much on the attractive. Oh well. Was nice to spend time with Dave, Steven and Jess for a bit.

Saturday I headed home and Bob and I went to some sort of spring celebration at a park near us. It’s a relatively new County park and is attached to a working farm. It’s just about the last farm land in San Jose I think, and is being preserved as such based on San Jose’s agricultural roots. I do remember farms and orchards all over the area growing up, but they are all gone now. We have lots of malls and parking lots though :P Kind of sad. Anyway, it was a cute little/big celebration. Lots and lots of kids activities. I was glad Kelly wasn’t with us, she would have loved it but we’d have been stuck there all day hahaha.

Speaking of Kelly, I booked our tickets to go to Fargo at the end of June for Todd and Angie’s wedding. I’m only going to be there a few days since I’m taking a week off earlier in June for our New England cruise with my Mom and Aunt Mar. Bob will be staying back there a couple of weeks though, so he can go visit his sisters and also get some more time in with Todd. It will be nice to see the condo we got them finally, and what Kelly’s life in North Dakota is like.

Ugh… before our trips in June I really need to get in to an eye doctor and finally deal with getting glasses. My distance vision is shot, it’s actually really bad at this point, but I just don’t want to deal with it. Getting me to deal with MD type appointments is always a pain in the ass. I was good and finally went to the dermatologist recently… no new skin cancer, yay (I was sure I had one spot that was but nope, all clear :). GRRRRRRR when I showed him the spot he looked at it real close under the magnifying lens and such and then said “nope, it’s just a spot”. He should have left it right there, but then followed up with “that folks get when they get older”. GRRRR, he could have totally left that when folks get older part off and just said a spot. LOL I also went in last week to finally deal with the tennis elbow/tendonitis problem I’ve had for 6 months. OMG it has just been so damn painful almost non-stop. I’ve done everything, ice packs multiple times a day, stretches, advil… I even bought little weights to do exercises to strengthen it. But, it just wouldn’t go away and I finally gave in and went to the doctor or a cortisone shot. A big old shot in my elbow, yuck. But, I’m about 90% pain free now, and the little bit of pain is in the low range. Now I just need to spend the next few months really trying to strengthen and heal it, before the shot stops doing its thing. I’m kind of over this getting older thing.

Friday is Bob’s and my 25th anniversary. Holy Moley!!! 25 years. Amazing. We are going to have dinner with our friends Ty & Tim and Joe & Dan at the fancy fondue restaurant in Saratoga. I’m really looking forward to it. Ty & Tim and Joe & Dan started their relationships very shortly before Bob and I got together, so it will be sort of an all around 25 year celebration for all of us as couples. It should be a nice time.

Ooooooh-kaaaaaay… time to get some work done. Happy sunny May Monday (or stormy May Monday for some out there). Hope it’s a good one!
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We totally bated all weekend, or Bates-ed may be more appropriate. We binge watched our way though the final season of Bates Motel, and watched the original movie Psycho Friday night. Tonight we will watch the series finale. I’ve loved Bates Motel since its first season in 2013. Vera Farmiga and Freddy Highmore played out Norma and Norman Bates so freaking well. We taped the final season instead of watching it as it went along and went ahead and started watching it last week. The final season finally intersected with (or reimagined) the original movie, bringing in characters Marian Crane and Sam Loomis. The care they put in to recreating some of the scenes from the original movie, including the very famous shower scene (but with a huge twist) was awesome. There were some scenes that truly were copied word for word and movement by movement. I love it when a show pays such a homage to the original they so clearly loved. After a couple of episodes dealing with the Psycho storyline, they moved on past it. Tonight we will watch the grand finale.
I have no idea what to expect for how it ends, I’ve deftly avoided spoilers on this one. I can’t wait!

Otherwise, we didn’t do much at all this weekend. I did more tape and CD clean up. All my old compilations are now copied to the computer. Glad to have that done. There was one very important (to me) one I couldn’t find, a CD copy of an unfinished musical my friend Gilbert Moreno wrote before he died called Tales. I still have the original cassette tapes but couldn’t find the cd I had copied them on to. It wouldn’t be a big deal except I don’t have a working cassette to CD player now. Looking for it I actually found a whole box of cd’s and cassettes that I had never opened or looked at since we moved. But the Tales cd I was looking for wasn’t in it :( But I did find a whole bunch of recordings from when I was a kid. All on cassette tape, boooo. I need to fix my damn old stereo to get those copied to cd LOL If I remember right, they start out as recordings of me as a baby, screaming and crying, with Beethoven playing in the background (don’t ask) and then some when I was a little older and learning to talk with my dad asking me questions. One piece I do remember from them is my Dad asking me the sound a cat makes and my little "meow meow meow", then he did more animals and I dutifully repeated their respective barks and moos. Then he asked what sound a turtle makes... this was followed by a loooong silence as my little head tried to figure that one out. Finally I said "turrrrtle! turrrrrrtle!" LOL There are also ones from when I was a little older, reading stories like Clifford the Big Red Dog and just being a little chatty thing entertaining myself with the tape recorder LOL I really really need to get those all copied to CD. Anyway, I found that little treasure trove, but no luck finding the cd copy of Tales. I finally gave up but then it struck me that maybe I had copied the files to the computer long ago. Bingo. I found the folder on my computer and hooray, it was a good copy so I copied it to cd and hooray, I have multiple backups on several platforms of Gilbert’s big unrealized dream. I don’t want to lose that ever! I wonder if anyone else out there still has copies. Anyway, in my search, I ended up putting about 90% of the box of cd’s I found in the recycle bin. In addition to the cassette tapes I found, I pulled a handful of cd's that were sentimental to me but the rest were ready to go. Another box gone. :)

Yesterday I skipped the (what apparently is now an *every* Sunday) brunch with some friends, but Bob went ahead and went. I don’t know why, but doing brunch every Sunday with the same people at the same restaurant gets old to me very quick. I'm so weird some times. I get very resentful about things that are an "every time" sort of thing. I think that is why season tickets to theater and the chorus and such are not a good idea for me. Just another weird part of my psyche I guess. Anyway, maybe if they were a closer group of friends I’d be more into it, but I really don’t want to rush out to meet them every Sunday morning. It’s terrible but I think I’d even be more into it if they tried different places. But… same bat time same bat channel next Sunday is their M.O. Thankfully Bob is good with me skipping occasionally. While he brunched, I went to the farmers market (another reason I don’t want to do brunch every Sunday, I love the farmers market and would miss it since it closes at 1). It was such a beautiful morning, and lots of cuties out in the market for sure. Oh, and nice fruits and veggies hahaha. It’s still just a tidge early in the season, not a huge variety, especially of the things I look for, tomatoes, corn,nectarines, melons, etc. But I did get some big artichokes and a very very sweet half box of strawberries. MMMMMMM. Oh, and I got garlicky cheese curds too, mmmmmm.

So that was about it for the weekend. Nothing social on my end really. Just a nice quiet weekend at home with my cat and my hubby, yay. :)
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And still with the rainy cloudy LOL I think it is supposed to rain today or tomorrow but finally really warm up after that. Saturday was bleh but yesterday was at least sunny and pretty, but could have been a tidge warmer. I’m ready for summer, thanks.

We had a pretty inactive weekend. We watched some movies on Netflix (Hurricane Bianca was a fun one), and a couple more episodes of Twin Peaks. We started season 2 last night. I remember now how much my enjoyment of the show waned as season 2 trudged on. We’ll see if we make it through the whole season this time LOL

I spent a good chunk of Saturday copying my old mix cd’s to the computer as backups. I made a lot of mix cds in the last few decades. A lot. Lately I just haven’t been feeling the music though. At least not the recent stuff. I’ve been listening to my old cd mixes, mostly the 80s ones, and have only made a couple of new cd’s in the last year or so. I can’t figure out if I’m just not liking the current sound out there or if I’m just in a different headspace.

In copying the cd’s, it’s interesting to me to see how some years I totally had the music in me and made 6 – 8 different cd’s. And others I got as low as 2 or 3. It would be interesting to find a way to track that against things like depressions and difficult years in my life vs good years.

Anyway, other than music and computer file cleanup, we didn’t do much. We did get out for breakfast with some friends yesterday morning, which was nice. Otherwise we skipped socializing at all. I even had asked Bob if he wanted to go to the drag show at Renegades and he said no he wanted to skip it (which surprised me). Of course, just a few minutes before I was going to head up to bed he was like “well, maybe we can go out” but at that point I’d taking all my night time meds and I was ready to conk out so I said, no go. LOL

That is all that is going on round these parts. Yawn. Sleepy and gray out. Monday :P
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Ok, I’m glad the drought is being taken care of but I’m really starting to get over all the rain. I’m ready for warm sunny days. Seems like it is rainy every few days lately. It rained pretty good yesterday, and the rest of the weekend never really was very spring-like and nice. It’s been downright cool the last few days. Though, I say that and it still is a heck of a lot warmer than other places LOL

I had a fair to middlin’ weekend. Pretty lazy overall. We gave each other our haircuts on Saturday afternoon and we went to the monthly underwear party Saturday night. I had a bleh time. I was having a bad esteem night. I was feeling very old, out of shape and out of the loop all evening. I almost left early and gave Bob cab fare home but I soldiered through. He had a good time at least.

Sunday Bob went to brunch with some friends. I just wasn’t feeling social at all so I skipped it. I’m sure it bugged him but oh well. From what I hear, the restaurant wasn’t very good so not sorry I missed it hahaha. The rest of the day was the normal. Grocery shopping, nap, blah blah blah.

We’ve been watching Twin Peaks on Amazon Prime. I had no idea there were so many things I could watch since I’m a prime subscriber. It’s not just about free 2-day shipping LOL I’m enjoying re-watching it. It was so unique back then. I imagine little 1990 me watching it, and having my head blown every week at how crazy it was. Now… it’s a little crazy but been redone and topped many times over in the last 30 years. Ugh tho, I love the music, it was such a huge part of the show, but it’s also so permeating in your head too. It’s been an earworm stuck in my head constantly since we started watching it. I can’t help but wonder if it might actually be contributing to this funk I seem to be in. That maudlin music stuck as an earworm in my head over and over, triggering some feelings and memories from a very bad time in my life. Interesting thought :P

And that’s about it, all quiet on the west coast for now.
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Bob and I had a very quiet weekend. Like we did barely anything social at all. A nice rarity really. We were tiffing just a bit on Friday night, left over from some things on Thursday, so it was a very quiet Friday indeed for the both of us. I was kind of wondering if this was going to be a whole Bob isn’t talking to me weekend (which hasn’t happened in quite a while) but things seemed better and we talked things out on Saturday morning. I had had enough of the silent treatment so I went upstairs to the back bedroom and started a cleaning project. Bob eventually wandered up and asked what I was doing and then we chatted from there. All better now LOL

The cleaning project… it was a bit of a hard one. I have too much *stuff*. Too many things of heartfelt significance and I just can’t keep everything forever. Phase one of getting rid of stuff happened when we moved from house to condo a year and a half ago, now I seemed to be moving in to phase 2. I had literally hundreds of mix tapes I had made, going back to 1983. And a bunch of cd’s that I was never going to ever listen to again. I had converted about half the cassette tapes to cd quite a while ago but never finished the conversion project. Now, well I’ve downloaded pretty much every 80s song I ever listened to onto my phone and computer, keeping all the tapes and cd’s… there just was no reason to. So they are gone now, 3 garbage bags of cassette tapes and cd’s. 35 years of my history. In the end I couldn’t make myself get rid of the little cassette track listings that I had so carefully written out for every mix tape. I pulled those all out of the cases and kept them. But the actual cassettes and cases. Gone. It’s a little sad to me but I really feel better having a whole corner of the room freed up.

I also got rid of some other things, also sentimental stuff that feels just a little less sentimental 20 years later. Beads from New Orleans, including some that were hand made by a couple who I played around with a few decadences in a row. I figure if I can’t remember their names, do I really need the sweet sets of beads they made me? LOL Anyway, lots of stuff will be making it’s way to recycle heaven this week.

The big elephant in the room though… my comics. I just don’t know what to do with them. I must have about 25,000 comic books. They are taking up half the upstairs bedroom, but I still have about 10 boxes at my moms. There is a part of me that wants to part with them, or a huge chunk of them, but another part of me that just can’t fathom saying goodbye to the collection. Something has to happen at some point, I can’t keep these all forever though.

I think all this decluttering is somehow connected to my path to 50. And the fact that my mom is a hoarder. I had gone to her place to clean up my little corner of comics left there a week or so ago and her place is just a mess. Packed full of stuff. Stuff stuff stuff. She keeps everything. I don’t want to be that person. Bad enough I’m going to have to deal with all her stuff at some point anyway, I don’t want all my own to deal with too. :P

Anyway, I’m rambly. I think my head is in a weird space this week. Blah blah blah blah blah. The rest of the weekend stayed quiet. We went and had breakfast with friends yesterday and then came home to a lazy Sunday of doing not a whole lot. I'm good with that LOL

Cheers and stuff.
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Phew… it was a busy weekend, and ***Spring*** yay. It was so warm and nice all weekend. Too bad it is supposed to turn cool and rainy again later this week :P

Friday was a holiday for me, happy Cesar Chavez Day. Yay for a 3 day weekend at least. Bob and I had tickets to go to the SF Gay Men’s Chorus so we decided to make a night of it. We got up there, checked in to the motel and then headed out to Midnight Sun to meet [personal profile] dhbearguy for drinks. Dave wasn’t performing in this concert so he got tickets to join us and see the show. He was joined by his cutie friend Jess and after a couple of drinks we grabbed dinner then headed to the theater for the concert. I have to say, I am just a little burned out on the chorus concerts. I don’t know if it is because I have gone to so many of them, or if it’s the ritual of going to every single one that is burning me out. The first half of the show was very nice. I can totally acknowledge how beautiful a job they do, but I found myself fidgety and not as into it as I feel I should be. I was hoping for a much more uplifting 2nd act but unfortunately things went horribly bad during intermission. As we filtered back in to the theater post-intermission, it seemed to be going a little long. Tim, the choral director, came out and told everyone that there was a medical emergency with one of the singers and the show would be delayed a bit. Tim came out a few more times and gave some minor updates, tried to stretch things along, doing a question and answer bit, talked about the upcoming tour in the South, etc. In the end, the rest of the show was cancelled. Dave was texting with folks backstage and it turned out one of the members had a heart attack and died right there on stage. What a horrible thing. Bob and I went ahead and left the theater and Dave stayed behind to go backstage and be with his chorus brothers in that horrible time. I felt so sad for them all. It had to have been a long rough night for so many of them, I know the SFGMC are truly one big family and losing one of their own right there had to have been devastating. They did carry on the next day, doing two more concerts that had to have been full of tears throughout. It had to have been both hard and healing for them to sign where they had just lost a member the night before.

After the concert, Bob and I were a little shellshocked about it all but carried on. Neither of us knew the man who died, but I was mostly concerned about Dave and others I knew in the chorus who were hurting that night. I contemplated just going ahead and crashing for the night when we got back to the hotel but Bob was up for going back out to the bars so we went on out. I ended up having a blast. I had a few drinks, we ended up meeting a few guys that were chatty and fun. One of them was a big Baby Huey cutie that was 22 and just adorable in a great big lunk of a cub sort of way LOL I had a great time flirting and chatting, ok and later on making out, with him. One of the other guys took a liking to Bob big time. I think he took a liking to us both but I really wasn’t interested in him, physically or mentally. I actually found him just a little annoying, but by the end of the evening he was all over Bob and I was super happy to see Bob getting some attention and lovin’s for once. We closed the bar and I stood outside talking and flirting with Baby Huey and a couple other guys. Bob and his little buddy came over and Bob told me he heading out and was going to swing by the guys apartment on his way back to the motel. OMG… he’s never done that before, like ever, in our 25 years. Leaving the bar with someone else? Kind of awesome though, good for him. He knew I wasn’t interested in doing anything with the guy so a 3-way was out, so he went ahead and went with the guy. I really was happy he did that.

After he left, I kept chatting out in front of the bar. This total hottie came up and asked if he could bum a smoke from one of the guys I was talking with. He was such a cutie. Baby Huey and I were totally flirting him up, and feeling up his furry chest and butt LOL We were all talking and suddenly he made a statement about being afraid to play around with anybody, because they all have AIDS and blah blah blah blah. I let him blather on a bit and was thinking “ok, I’m over this, time to go” but then I was like fuck it and said, “dude, can I be totally honest with you? I’ve been poz for over 30 years and when you start spouting off stuff like you just did, you don’t come out sounding very good”. He was very apologetic, and was sorry for offending me, which he didn’t really offend me, but a lot of other people would have taken it to heart big time. We talked a bit more, I edjumacated him a bit more on HIV and all that stuff, then bid him a goodbye with a hug and another nice feel of his furry butt LOL I walked Baby Huey to the corner and he asked if I wanted to come over to his place for a bit and I just gave him a big kiss and a “next time” and headed back to the room to crash. Bob showed back up at the room about 4. I was still amazed LOL

I woke up wide awake at 6:30, grrrrrr! I hate that. I read for a while until Bob finally got up and we headed on back to San Jose for a very quiet afternoon at home. I got a real nice nap in, or finished the previous night’s sleep hahaha We did not much else at all the rest of the day or evening, still wiped out from Friday night.

Yesterday we got up and headed over to Santa Cruz to have lunch with my dad and Sandy. We went over a couple hours early and took a long walk along West Cliff, watching the big waves and the surfers, then walked along the Boardwalk, making myself very hungry with all the sweet and salty smells of amusement park food. It’s always so hard when we go wander around the Boardwalk when I knew we are going to have lunch afterwards cause I want to eat all the bad food right now! LOL

Lunch with Dad & Sandy was nice. Just by happenstance it was their 40th anniversary, which was probably a bigger deal to me than it was to them LOL My dad looks pretty good. Definitely getting older and older every day but for 82 and a forever broken leg, he’s doing pretty well. It had been almost 4 months since we’d seen them, so I promised myself I wouldn’t let it go that long again!

The rest of Sunday was pretty quiet. Grocery shopping and TV mostly LOL And now back to the regular non-holiday work week. Bleh. With rain on the way, bleh bleh. LOL Oh well, more sunny days to come soon after I’m sure. Cheers y’all.
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Monday Monday… lalalalalala… I think spring is supposed to be rearing its head nicely this week, after the last week of rainy cool days it is supposed to clear up and be sunny and warm all week. Yay for that.

Bob and I had a nice weekend. My Aunt Judy, cousin David and David’s boyfriend Steven were all out visiting the family so we went up to my Gram’s in Galt for the weekend to see them. It was a nice visit. Poor Bob though, he has such a hard time keeping track of who is who in my family. OMG, I felt so bad for him when we got to Gram’s house and we were reintroducing everyone and he went up to Judy to give her a hug hello and said “and you are Linda, right”? The whole room gasped and went silent and all I could say was “oooooh, Bob”. Linda was my uncle’s first wife, who Judy has kind of hated for 50 years now. Poor Bob is so terrible with names but he definitely stepped in it with this one. I wish I could say all was laughs and roses but Judy was NOT happy LOL It truly took hours before she said anything to him.

Other than that, the visit was great. My cousin’s daughter Amanda was there and we haven’t seen her in a few years. I can’t figure out her story, all I know is something very creepy is going on. She got pregnant about 4 years ago and ended up marrying the father without telling anyone. Then she all but disappeared except for vague texts to her mom here and there. Her mom didn’t see her for almost 3 years. During that time she had a baby girl and then a year or so later a baby boy. The whole family has been worried about her and there was a lot of talk about maybe she was being held against her will and blah blah blah. We’re all pretty convinced her husband is involved in something very illegal, drugs most likely. About a month ago she showed up on my Gram’s doorstep with the boy and 7 months pregnant. But no daughter. Her story was totally weird, she and her husband are still totally happy but money was tight so they separated for a while and he took the girl and she took the boy and the unborn baby, and now she is staying in my Gram’s sewing room and we weren’t allowed to tell anyone else she was back until about a week ago. Creepy. I just want to know where her daughter is :P

Anyway, seeing her was nice, though her little boy is a little holy terror on wheels. I tried to stay away from him and his running, crying, screaming, and toy throwing LOL

Spending a little time with David and Steven was nice. David is only about 5 years younger than me but I’m amazed at how much more open and comfortable he is being gay with the family. He and Steven were hand holdy and huggy and blah blah blah. Even though I’ve been out with my family for 30 years, hell, Bob has been at almost every family gathering for the last 25 years, I still keep affection and my life as a whole pretty under wraps. Heh… Bob did come up and give me a kiss at the dinner table Saturday night, which of course set off all of my internal alarms but of course nobody else batted an eye. I do love that Bob enjoys spending time with my family so much. Saturday afternoon I was very ready to go check in to the motel and take a bit of a nap after spending the morning and afternoon with everyone. Bob was happily playing Yahtzee with my Gram, mom, Gar and David and decided to stay with all of them while I ran to the motel and back. I only got a half hour nap once there, Amanda needed me to run by McDonald’s and get her son some chicken nuggets for lunch, but a little disco nap and an hour alone was all I needed to recharge for the night.

We did a group effort making dinner at Gram’s and eventually Bob and I headed back to the lovely Comfort Inn and Suites Galt for the night. I was out like a light as soon as we got there, I was definitely people’d out LOL But… we were up the next morning and headed back to Gram’s for biscuits and gravy for breakfast. My aunt Gar made the sausage gravy. Gram’s used to be much better, much better LOL Unfortunately most of Gram’s cooking days are done at this point. I did help my Aunt Sue make some walnut rolls (like pecan rolls) that came out pretty yummy but otherwise I didn’t do much kitchen duty this time around.

After breakfast we got ready to head back to San Jose. Aunt Judy whispered in my ear that she thought she scared the bejeevers out of Bob when he called her Linda, but she bet he’d never do it again. I told her not to count on that, he’s real bad at that sort of thing. She did give him a big hug before we left, but also chided him a bit too.

Traffic home wasn’t bad at all, we got an early enough start that we avoided the end of weekend crunch. I think it only took an hour and a half to get home. I know I conked out for at least part of it. One moment we were just south of Stockton and the next we were somewhere near Livermore LOL I’m so glad Bob doesn’t mind driving for the longer drives. I tend to drive in town for shorter drives and he drives the longer ones. It works nice.

We got home, did our grocery shopping and pretty much just lazied through the rest of the day after a heavy social weekend. Now back at work but only a 4 day work week, yay for that. Yay for getting Cesar Chavez Day off on Friday, one perk of being a strong union County LOL

Happy Monday y’all!
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hmmmm... I've been cross-posting my posts from dreamwidth but I'm not sure everything comes through the same. I answered some of the March question thingees last week but when I tagged the folks who asked the questions it came out weird. They aren't referencing the LJ tags. I hope this is working right :P

anyway, GRRRRR! Rotten start to the morning. A car was parked blocking my driveway this morning. I could not get out of my garage, just no way. I honked and honked. Shook their car hoping an alarm would go off. Cursed a bit, then finally gave up and went upstairs to get the keys to Bob’s car and took it to work today. I left a note in big letters saying if they do it again I will have them towed, but truth is there I doubt I could have had it towed any time quickly. GRRRR, I’m gonna be grumbly over it all morning.

Other than that, it was a good weekend. Saturday Bob and I went up to SF and met up with Dave to see the latest Peaches Christ show, Legally Black starring Bob the Drag Queen. What a fun show. The parody of Legally Blonde was spot on. It really helped because Bob and I made a point of watching the movie Friday night, so it was very fresh in our heads for the show the next day. It made me all the more impressed with Peaches’ shows.

After the show we went with Dave for a quick drink at Midnight Sun, then had dinner at the Cove before heading back to San Jose. I was pretty beat but Bob really wanted to go out to Renegades for their underwear party later that night. I almost sent him alone LOL But, I dragged myself there and once there had a nice time. We actually ended up staying until almost closing. I had a real nice time sitting and talking with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and Bob enjoyed watching the cuties in their skivvies LOL

I think I got to bed about 2:30, then was up, wide awake at 7. My ex Sal was coming over from Santa Cruz about 9 to pick up a butcher block/table Bob and I “borrowed” 23 years ago LOL Sal and I were boyfriends in the mid-80s, and were still very close friends when Bob and I got together. When Sal’s partner Steve died in 1993, Sal had a house full of Steve's stuff to try and part with. Bob and I were moving in to our first apartment so Sal gave us Steve’s table for the apartment. Sal being Sal… it was a “permanent loan” instead of just giving it to us. We’ve happily used it in every home from apartment to condo to house. But, there was just no place for it in our new place so when we were prepping for the move out of the house I called Sal to ask if he wanted it back or should we just get rid of it. Of course the hoarder he is said “OMG yes, of course I want it back” LOL It’s been sitting in our garage for a year and a half since. It was too big to fit in our car so Sal has always been waiting for a friend of his with a truck to come get it. So… he finally came and got it yesterday. I only got to visit with him for a short time, his friend had to get back over to Santa Cruz and get to work, but it was good to see him. I don’t see Sal often, but when I do I can always see bits and pieces of both why I fell in love with him *and* why I broke up with him all those years ago. He’s a good man, I’m glad he is still in my life :)

So now there is a nice big empty spot in the garage where that damn table was, and the long term memory of our friend Steve has left the house. And Sal has his 23 year old loaned table back hahaha I bet he puts in it his storage place and it isn't seen again for years :P

I think that is about it for the weekend. I wonder if that car is still blocking my driveway. GRRRR! Happy Monday folks!
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March is the ask me anything question month thingee. Got a question, ask away. Some that have come in are:

[personal profile] apparentparadox asks
What would you most like to have people say about you after you've died?

That’s a relatively easy one for me. I’ve thought about it before in terms of “how do I want to live my life, and have it remembered”. I don’t know I could pick any one specific item but things I would love to hear:

He made me laugh
He made me smile
He taught me something
He made a difference in my life (hopefully a positive difference LOL)
He was happy
He made my/the world better in some way

I think I’m pretty clear on what is most important to me, clearly I am co-dependent hahahaha

[personal profile] dr_tectonic asks
Who's the most popular superhero that does nothing for you? Which superhero do you think deserves way more love than they get?

Hmmmm, a popular hero I just am not in to… My first thought would be Deadpool, but I have to admit I seriously loved the movie last year. Still not hip on the comic though. Since Deadpool gets a pass for the movie though, I think I would have to choose DC’s version of Deadpool, Lobo. I’ve never liked that sort of bombastic wild for the sake of being wild character.

Hero deserving more lovin’s???? That is a super tough one. I’m not sure if I would want any of my underrated favorites to become super popular, that tends to ruin them over time. Right now I’m loving a book called Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, it’s sweet and it’s fun and has been somewhat under the radar. But I’m seeing Moon Girl pop up more and more places and its charm is in danger of getting lost with other writers and the need to “grow and change” to keep things from getting stale.

[profile] maxauburn asks
If you were a comic book writer, what book would you write, and what
changes would you make?

As fertile as my imagination is, I’m not sure I ever really dream up new stories for existing characters. I suppose there are minor changes I would make to some (say changing the new Kid Flash from Wally West II to Bart Allen), I think one of the things I love about comics is someone else takes care of the fantasy for me.

I think if you had asked this a couple years ago I would have had a somewhat different answer, as the books all seemed to be going through a dark time and were not enjoyable. Now I’m loving them more and more again, after about 5 years of not so great books being published there is a renewed energy that is drawing from the past, and is more light and fun. That would have been the change I would have wanted to see a while back, lighten up. Comics don’t need to be grim and realistic, they need to be fun. I’m glad they seem to be heading back that way.
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Stooooopid time change. I hate it. I wish they had dropped the whole thing but I guess the bill that was making its way through the California law process died a quite death. Bummer. Who cares if it would have made New York 4 hours ahead part of the year :P

We had a good weekend, timechange or otherwise. I got up early Saturday morning and went to Kaiser to get my labs done. I’m about 2 months overdue :P So far all the results look really good though. Cholesterol and liver tests are just a tick over the normal range and my blood sugar could be better. Still no results for the HIV things like viral load and t-cells, those take longer but I don’t expect any surprises there.

Yesterday Bob struggled through the time change and got himself up and off to breakfast with some friends of ours. I passed on going to breakfast and went ahead to the farmers market on my own, then did the weekly grocery shop. It’s still just a tidge early for the farmers market, not much of interest to me there. There were some strawberries this week but they were a little underripe. Another week or two and things should start popping there.

Some friends invited us to go see King Kong in the afternoon so I skipped my normal Sunday nap and went to see the big ape on the screen. It was a good enough movie, kept my interest (and awake LOL), but not anything OMG awesome about it. It gets a solid B in my book. Will be interesting to see how they tie it together with Godzilla in the sequels, now that they are building their new shared monsterverse of movies.

After the movie we had dinner at Yard House, so yummy. Unfortunately our friends fish tacos were not yummy. I didn’t try them but everyone else agreed they were bad. Bleh.

Today is David’s 50th birthday. I’ve spoken with him a few times over the last week, after not having much contact the last 6 or so months. He seems to be doing ok. Not doing meth, so that’s a plus. He seems to be sticking with the Catholic church, though I’m not sure he’s continuing on his path to become deacon as he once was. Something happened but he isn’t clueing us in on it. I suspect the church came down on him because of the homosexuality thing, not to mention the meth addict issue. I’m not thrilled with his closeness with the Roman Catholic diocese, but whatever keeps him from using is good I spose. Anyway, today is his 50th,and I’m thinking of him. And I’m thinking of how my 50th is right around the corner too. 50 years old. So wild. :P
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Finally getting back to the regular routines in life. Made it back to the gym for the first time in a month last week. I hurt my back in late January, then vacation, then sick then… WTF, it’s March LOL Wish I could say it was good to get back but meh, the gym is the gym and it’s still just a necessary evil in life LOL

We had a nice weekend. I went up to SF Friday night for a night out with [personal profile] dhbearguy. Bob ended up not going because he had a late afternoon appointment he had forgotten about. Dave and I did the norm, Midnight Sun, dinner, 440 and it was a good time. I wasn’t as outgoing and gregarious as I was on the cruise, and fell back into my wallflower ways, sigh. I wish I knew how to turn on that other part of me in the real world, not just on the cruises. Still, was a fun night out so yay that.

Saturday Bob and I took my mom to go see Hidden Figures. OMG, what a great movie. I really enjoyed it. Between watching much of the When We Rise mini-series last week and this movie, I’m a bit emotioned out. I’m ready for a silly comedy now.

I’ve really enjoyed When We Rise, even if it has been a bit tough emotionally. Bob and I have only watched the first 3 episodes, we still have the last one to watch. Most gay or AIDS historical movies and documentaries have been focused on the east coast and New York in particular. Having this focus on SF, it’s hitting a lot of big memory spots for me. I was too young to have actually experienced most of the 70s stuff, though I remember a lot of it like Harvey Milk, the Briggs Initiative, etc, just in the news as a child. But, when I came out in 1982, all of that history was still very much alive. So many guys I met had been through it all and I got to hear so many stories and history once removed. And the earliest days of gay cancer/GRID/AIDS… that I do remember first hand all too well. What a journey we have all made. I may not have been a big name mover and shaker like Cleve Jones or some of the others who we all have heard of out there, but I know I had a piece in getting where we are today, and I’m very proud of that. I just wish we didn’t have the current and pending setbacks we are facing now. I thought we were almost done fighting :(

Anyway, the show will bounce around in my head for a while I’m sure. The rest of the weekend… pretty lazy. We had breakfast with some friends yesterday and did our Sunday chores of shopping and such. Oh, it was haircut day too. Bob and I gave each other our haircuts and are now fresh and pretty for the next month. LOL

I think that is about all that is going on in our world right now. Moving right along.
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I think I’m finally over my cruise cold, yay for that. I actually just caught myself humming sitting here at the computer, that’s a good sign I’m feeling back to normal, hooray. lalalalalala. Oh, wait, lala was a mistake… humhumhum. I’m so glad it wasn’t a terrible cold but it did make for a long week dragging my ass to work and trying to do things like, you know, breathe LOL The only downside to it being gone… I can’t postpone my appointment with the dentist this afternoon to have a cavity filled. BOOOOOO! Going under the drill today. Bleh.

So, Bob and I had a good weekend, still mostly recovery mode, but we did venture up to SF Saturday night to dinner with [personal profile] dhbearguy & Jake at the always yummy Big Lantern, then were off to see show “Silence, The Musical”, a parody of Silence of the Lambs. OMG, what fun, and a whacky and dark show hahaha The cast was awesome, channeling Clarice, Hannibal Lector, and Buffalo Bill incredibly well. It truly was a funny funny show.

We didn’t do much the rest of the weekend. Yesterday was beautiful so I made my way to the Farmers Market. It was still a little too early in the season on anything super yummy to buy but was nice to walk in the sun in shorts and t-shirt and look at all the yummy eye candy out doing the same. We ended the weekend with me bbq’ing shrimp and sausage for dinner. It was still dark out, the light hasn’t extended that late, but was nice enough out for me to bbq. It was the yums.

I’m still desperately behind at work but getting caught up, hopefully the next couple of days will see me caught up and moving forward with my regular day to day stuff.

I’m still reflecting a bit on the cruise and such. There were a few times where I said to Bob and others that I wished I could be the person I am on the cruise in real life. I was just so confident and comfortable socially for that one week of the year. Going up and striking up conversations with strangers, walking around feeling 6 foot tall instead of 2 foot tall, flirting my ass off… just plain feeling good about being *me*. It was such a nice feeling, and so rare in life and social situations for me. Even Dave P commented on how I seemed much more comfortable in my skin than I normally do. Bob and I talked about it, it caused a couple of tiffs between us. He took my saying that I wish I was more like I was on the cruise to mean I wanted to go out and be sleeping around with every guy in San Jose. That wasn’t what I meant LOL I had to talk quite a bit about the difference between feeling confident and having some self esteem, versus having sex with everyone. The last thing I want is to ho around San Jose, but I’d like to be able to walk in the bar here without feeling my normal anxiety issues and you know, talk to people, instead of staying in the back corner watching everyone. I know there were times he felt a bit left out on the cruise, I was on hunting mission at times, but in the end we took some time and talked things out. Yay for that.

OMG… the other thing that stands out on this cruise, height! LOL There were SO many little guys on this cruise. I’m 5’5”, and I’m used to being the little guy in the group, but there were a lot of hot little guys, 4’10”, 5 foot, etc on this cruise. It seems like every time I turned around I had some little guy coming up and giving me lovin’s and hugs and kisses and mmmmmm. Dave P and Bob both noticed that too. At one point I was hugging this guy who had to be like 4 foot 8 at most. I was just towering over him, he was so adorable. And everyone was there going OMG, Phil, you’re so tall. I was playing like GRRRRRRR I’m a giant, GRRRRRR. It was hilarious really. I loved it. And then I realized I was doing ALL the things I absolutely detest taller guys doing to me. I was rubbing the top of their head. I was picking them up off the floor. I was playing “I’m a giant, grrr” LOL I felt a little bad about it, since I knew how much I hate it when guys do that to me. But OMG, they were just so sexy and cute and I wanted to rub all over them hahahaha.

So I guess that is enough cruise thinking for now. Back to work thinking I guess. Bleh. Is it vacation time again yet? LOL

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Dear LiveJournal, it’s been over 3 weeks since my last confession post.

I had a great vacation, one week RSVP cruise and one week in Fort Lauderdale. The cruise was awesome as always, lots of fun times with [personal profile] dhbearguy, Dave, Robert, Gene, Steve, Connor and so many more folks on the cruise from year to year. Bob had a great time too, with only minor bumps between him and I during the time.

This year was on a new ship, the Holland America Koningsdam. It was essentially the same ship as we had been cruising on before, but a little bigger with some design changes, some good, some less so. Our first stop was Key West, where a group of about 12 of us just wandered the streets for a bit, took in the Butterfly conservatory and enjoyed the warm Key West sun. Next stop was Grand Cayman. We took a tour to go to come caves in the middle of the island. They were actually pretty cool. This was the first of two stops that Bob ended up skipping because he didn’t feel good (read, he drank too much and stayed up too late the night before). I was not real happy about that :P Next we stopped in Roatan, Honduras. We barely got off the ship for that. We just got off at the port and wandered around their little cruise ship shops and such. Our last stop was Cozumel, where we took a catamaran out into the blue. Fun day, too bad Bob missed that one too. GRRRRR!

No really big names this year, RSVP has leaned towards more entertainment of a smaller name than one big name entertainer. The shows were fun though. Ty Herndon, a county singer I’d honestly never heard of, was a great show and very touching. He just came out as gay to the world relatively recently and in the Country Western world that is a big deal. Amy and Freddy were there as usual, and put on another great show. I love them. Friday night we had “double date night” with [personal profile] dhbearguy & his friend Jake. We went to see Bob the Drag Queen, who was faaabulous and funny again this year, then had dinner at the fancy steakhouse. It was a great night (though I was soooo full at the sarong party we went to after dinner bleh hahaha)

Ships parties were the usual themes or slight variations. Underwear, leather, 80’s, a color party (red this year) etc. Some of the more unique ones were kaftan/sarong party and an “I’m coming out” party dedicated to pride and coming out. Bob and I wore rainbow tutus and little itty bitty rainbow cowboy hats for the coming out party. It was WAY out of my comfort zone being in a tutu but turned out to be way fun. OMG… for the red party, Dave Peat made us all kilts, out of duct tape. They were AWESOME!!! I never ever ever want to go out to the bar or a gay party wearing anything but those kilts. I got felt up and made out with more guys than ever before. They loved the kitls!!! LOL Next year I want him to make more, for a couple parties hahaha

Before the cruise I had told Bob that after the last couple of cruises where I had been very tame and not very sexual, I wanted to be a big ol’ ho on this cruise. Achievement unlocked!!!! I was a big big big ol’ ho LOL It has been years since I just flat out sewed my wild oats in such a grand manner. I haven’t discussed my sex life much on LJ for a while but one thing that has happened is over the last year or so I seem to have made a complete switch from bottom to top. It is very weird. I don’t know what happened but BAM!!!! I seem to be a top LOL and LORDY LORDY… the mens, they can smell it on you hahaha “sniff sniff, ooooh, top!” I fucked more butt on this cruise than I probably have in my whole life combined hahaha. Dave P and I were talking about an encounter I had with a thruple the night before, where I took turns fucking all 3 of them, and finally he was like “I don’t even know you anymore, when did you become a top???”. LOL it’s all good fun really, but damn, I’m so enjoying fucking butt lately. What happened?????? Hahaha

The infamous “dick deck” was closed from the 2nd night on. Apparently the first night, things got out of hand and guys looking for quick sex in the dark made their way to the private cabanas on deck, broke locks, soiled the cabanas, yada yada. Stupid stuff. The ship put the kibosh on anyone going to the dark top deck areas after that. I was really quite grumpy about it. It became a civil rights issue in my head hahaha. honestly, I don’t care if I can’t go suck dick somewhere, but I know there are a lot of guys who really count on that part of their trip. I know Bob didn’t get to really play with anyone at all. He is a bit too old to attract guys attention on the dance floor, and isn’t much into the “go back to someone’s room” hookup thing anyway. Without a dick deck area he didn’t have anywhere to really get sexual contact at all. I know it weighed heavy on him, especially since I was running off to cabins daily. He had a lot of envy issues come up during this trip. For me, I wandered up there once and found a group of guys huddled in the dark, started to watch a little and then security came along, threatened us, got on their walkie talkies chased us away. I felt like I was 15 years old being chased out of the gay bar parking lots by the cops in 1983 again. I know I’m not putting this in words right, but it felt VERY oppressive and homophobic the way it was handled. I actually wrote a long letter to RSVP and went all Harvey Milk and Martin Luthor King on them… I have a dream!!! Hahahahaha I really should choose my gay rights causes and battles better. It just bugged me the way they handled it. RSVP did make one announcement at one of the shows, as they do every year, saying no public sex, but generally that has always meant dance floor, elevator, hallway anywhere where there are ship staff, but they have kept the uppermost top deck free of staff at night. Oh, and then they made another announcement about taking it to your cabin, or if you need, the handicap stalls on the lower decks make lovely areas to hook up. Again, it felt like the early gay days when we had to find sex in dirty bathrooms. They should have been open and honest about why it was closed instead of being hush hush and sending in security to strong arm guys who were just looking for some human contact, and cum LOL

OH!!! So at the at the underwear party a group of 3 of us wandered up to the dick deck because we had no place else to go. Of course we were flashlighted and shoo’d away before we could even get up there. The group of 3 became 5 (I felt like the golden goose) and we all wandered off in search of somewhere! We were walking along and there really was no place at all to go to play. All of us had husbands or roommates asleep in our cabins and finally I just said “geez, I wish there was someplace we could just go and play and be done with it”. Then a big wind blew wooooooosh… a storeroom door blew open right in front of us hahahahaha So… we ended up playing in the storeroom because clearly the higher power heard my wish and blew the door open. It was meant to be. And fun.

So yeah… this was a high sexual trip for me. Now I’m back to my normal once in a blue moon I’m sure, but it was a fun cruise, sex and otherwise. After the cruise we were back in Fort Lauderdale for the rest of the week. We stayed at a gay resort but it wasn’t much by way of playful. We were all so beat after the cruise, late nights partying wasn’t in the cards. We did go to Universal Studios for the day though. OMG what a long day that was. We left at 6 am and got to Orlando about 9. Spent the whole day at Universal, rode pretty much everything, then made the 3 hour trek back to Fort Lauderdale. SO much fun. OMG… I finally got smart and asked my doctor to prescribe the seasick patches for me. Oddly enough I never get seasick on ships now, but I stick get theme park sick. The scopalamine patch helped a LOT. I rode all the highly visual and head spinny rides and didn’t feel like crap at all. Hooray. I’m going to wear a patch whenever I go to amusement parks now.

All too soon it came to an end. Bob and I came home Friday and had a quiet weekend at home. Holy Moley was it stormy. Lots of rain, lots of flooding and mudslides and such. But we were fine where we were. Monday was a holiday so I came in to the office to catch up a bit before officially being back. I was in the office 4 hours and got through about 250 emails before giving up and going home. And then that night… achoo!!! I got a cold. A dirty rotten cold. I made it through Tuesday at work and part of Wednesday but came home after a few hours yesterday. I’m back today, sniffing my way through a whole lot of emails and fires to be put out. I’m just glad I didn’t get sick while on vacation for once, yay for that.

So I’m back, making my way into the real world again. Can’t wait for next year!!! LOL


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