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Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend. That is my opinion and we should all change to a 4 day work week.

I do sometimes consider signing up to switch my schedule to 4/10’s (four 10 hour days) or 9/80’s (nine 9 hour days a pay period) but never have done it. I think I would do better with 9/80s. I am almost always here over 9 hours anyway and would be nice to get Friday off every other week. But… I’m too lazy to make it happen LOL

The weekend was a good long one. We had lunch with Dave, Aaron and Steven came down from SF for lunch on Saturday. Was great to see Aaron, I don’t think I’ve seen him since he was out from New Mexico in December. And always a nice time lunching with Dave. They all headed on to motorcycle up north for the rest of the day and Bob and I went home and relaxed for the afternoon.

Sunday we went to breakfast with some friends, finally at a different spot than the normal place they go to every Sunday LOL Our friend Bob seems to be doing somewhat ok after dealing with lung cancer for over a year now. I think the prognosis has switched back over to “not good” in the last couple of weeks but he is dealing with it all. I know it is very rough on him and his husband both but they seemed in good spirits.

Yesterday we went over to Santa Cruz, wandered around Capitola for the morning, enjoying the beach and looking at the beach-goers LOL Bob was in a rare shopping mood so he ended up buying a hat and a new rug for one of our entry ways. It was expensive. Now he wants another just like it for the upstairs door. I’m hoping he will forget, we can’t afford it :P

After our Capitola wander we headed up to Bonnie Doon to see my Dad and Step-Mom, Sandy. We have been trying to get my dad to agree to let us visit at the house for a long time now, well over a year I think, and he finally relented. It’s just so much more comfortable and nice to visit with him at the house instead of a quick lunch at a restaurant. I feel a little bad because I know he wants to go to a restaurant to meet largely because he doesn’t get a chance to get out of the house much anymore, but it had been just too long since we could actually sit and talk where he could hear at least part of the conversation as opposed to a noisy restaurant where he hears none of it. It was a great visit. He and I talked quite a bit, about his brother, my work, and other stuff. I sat down with him and showed him how to do tables in Word. He had been wanting to create a table to use so he could keep track of whether he had fed the dogs or not when Sandy is gone for a few days. So, we created a dog feeding schedule table for him to check off every time he feeds the dogs LOL. He really has become an old man in so many ways. It’s hard watching him get older and older and more forgetful and all of that. But… it was a good visit.

Unfortunately the snacks that Sandy made for us didn’t sit well, I think Bob and I both ended up with mild food poisoning of some sort all night. Bleh it was not a pleasant way to end the weekend. I feel a bit better now, good enough to go to work at least, but Bob was still feeling pretty yucky when I left this morning. Hopefully this will be a quick tummy issue for us both.

That seems to have been it for the weekend. We are heading in to pre-vacation mode this week, we leave Thursday next week so just a little over a week to start pulling everything together. I’ve been training our new office manager at work to do some of my work while I am gone, but she really is only going to do the lowest layers of it. But, better than nothing at all at least.

Happy 4 day work week y’all!


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