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What a great weekend. Temps in the 90s, sunny and gorgeous. We started the weekend by taking my Mom to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. What fun. I really enjoyed it. It had gotten mediocre reviews or at least "too similar to the first" reviews but I found the whole movie very enjoyable.

We had a very busy Saturday. My cousin Jennifer’s son, Duke, was playing in a softball tournament in Sunnyvale so she and the family were down from Discovery Bay for that. I haven’t seen Jennifer in about 10 years, but of all my cousins she was the closest to me growing up. We were sort of big brother little sister for much of our childhood. As we have gotten older we have not been nearly as close but still so wonderful to see her. Her boys, Truett and Duke, are 10 and 13 now, amazing, and her husband Jeff is doing very well working with the Warriors on merchandising and such.

Bob and I drove up to Sunnyvale to meet them, my Aunt Mar, and my Mom. We got there between Duke’s games so we didn’t really get to see him play at all. After being there a couple of hours I was done with sportsball watching. But, was really good to hang out with Jen and see the beautiful woman and incredible mother she has become.

After that we headed back to San Jose to rest a bit before heading north again. this time to Foster City to meet up with Dave and see Sister Act the Musical. We had planned on having pizza at a local build your own pizza place but when we got there it was closed with a big sign saying “closed at 6, not enough dinner staff”. OMG… that would suck for a business. Waiting for Dave I watched a LOT of people show up to the door then turn back around trying to figure out where to go next. We went to Armadillo Willy’s, which was a yummy alternative.

Sister Act was a fun show. I really enjoyed it. I have gotten to really like the smaller community theater shows. There are a lot of shows out there the I either missed their big run in the larger theaters, or they never had a real touring company to the theaters in the first place. Maybe they were never big hits like Wicked or Book of Mormon, but they are still fun little musicals to go see. The community theaters really have picked up on that nitch and I’ve got my eyes out on the theaters all across the bay area for shows like Sister Act, Addams Family, etc.

The cast in this one was awesome. There wasn’t a single mismatched voice or part. I was truly impressed by them all. I had heard the music on the cast album before so knew I would like it, and they did a great job with it. Yay for another show on my great big musical list LOL And Dave is always the perfect musical show buddy to go with cause I know he always loves them too.

After the show we almost headed back home to crash but we knew it was the monthly underwear party at Renegades and the 90 degree weather would likely make it a fun night. It was. I actually allowed myself to drink more than my usual one drink in San Jose. I told Bob I wanted to try drinking at the party for once and we could Lyft home. OMG San Jose is SO much more fun after a couple of drinks hahaha I hate that my social anxiety is so much better after 2 drinks than one, but it really was. I was a chatty cathy and a flirty frannie. I even got to play around a bit with someone I’ve wanted to play with for almost 20 years. It was fun!

Sunday I was up early, watched a couple of episodes of Amazing Race and just played couch potato until Bob got up later. We went shopping (new pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond, YAY) and did the groceries and stuff. It was a relaxing day :)

The week ahead… I feel like I’m forgetting something we have going on but sure can’t remember. I know Saturday we are meeting with Dave and Aaron who will be visiting from New Mexico, but not sure we have much else planned for the 3 day weekend. I guess we will see…


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