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Another weekend that zoomed by way to quick. At least the weather was freaking gorgeous, yay for almost summer!

Friday night Bob and I watched Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice on HBOgo in preparation for seeing Wonder Woman later in the weekend. We had never seen BvS so it seemed like a good thing to check out. It was pretty meh bordering on bad. I think the only parts I truly enjoyed were the scenes with Wonder Woman in them. I’m so glad I didn’t go to the theaters to see it :P

Saturday morning we took my Mom to the 10 am showing for Wonder Woman with my Mom. I really enjoyed it. I was a little nervous after not enjoyed BvS so much the night before but this was such a different movie altogether. Gal Gadot is pretty near perfect as Wonder Woman. It did suffer just a bit from “must get through the origin and introduce the character” issues that almost all first hero movies have. I’ve found that with hero movies, the sequel is *usually* just a bit better than the first because they can move right into the action without the long-winded how they came to be story. Even so, I pretty much enjoyed Wonder Woman beginning to end so yay that. I’m actually much more jazzed at the thought of Wonder Woman II than I am over the upcoming Justice League movie. But… this movie did give me hope the JL won’t be awful LOL

Sunday morning we joined friends for their weekly Sunday breakfast. I’m enjoying the breakfasts now that even if Bob goes every week I skip them here and there. It feels less like an expectation and more of a "sure, I'll do breakfast" thing. I probably would have opted to skip it this weekend if we weren’t going to be gone for the next couple of weeks. I knew Bob would want to see them since he won't til we get back so going along was sort of a given this time. I did enjoy it though.

After lunch, Bob and I drove up into the hills just south of us. He’s been wanting to drive up there for a while. We look at them out our back window all the time, so let’s drive up there LOL He really wanted to drive all the way up to Mount Umunhum but when after winding our way up the mountain to the Umunhum Road it was closed. I guess they are still working on fixing it after all the rains and mudslides over the winter.
It’s supposed to reopen later this summer, so we will try it again. I haven't been up to the top of Mt Umunhum since I was a kid (I always thought it was Mt M & M which was so much more appealing to me) so I'm looking forward to getting up there at some point. But... with the road closed we just pulled off at one of the hiking points and wandered around the trails for a bit. We had some gorgeous views of San Jose, the bay and the whole valley floor. I survived without poison oak or falling into a ravine or getting eating by a mountain lion so my day outdoors was a win I think. LOL

Short work week for me. So much to get done before vacation. We leave for New York eaaaaaarly on Thursday morning. We are supposed to pick up my aunt at 3:45 and my Mom around 4 to be at SF airport about 5, ugh! We will spend Friday in New York, see Bette Midler in Hello Dolly Friday night and then our cruise leaves NY on Saturday. I wish I was looking forward to this more than I am. My Mom just has such a hard time walking much at all now before she is huffing and puffing and hurting. I booked us on a hop on hop off tour bus thing in NYC for Friday. Hopefully that will minimize walking quite a bit. I know we will go to the World Trade Center memorial and up in the One World building to the observation deck area. Other than that I think we will mostly just let the tour bus show us the sights and not do any real museums or anything. I don’t know why it was so much easier with my Dad, going on cruises with him and he couldn’t walk, but he is still so much more independent than my Mom is. I just want to really try and not get totally frustrated with her on this trip. I’m hoping it turns out taking cruises with her is ok, our days of hiking places like Zion and Yellowstone are done, but I hope this works out for us to all have a nice trip together.

For the cruise itself, it will go to St John (Bay of Fundy) and Halifax in Canada, then Bar Harbor and Portland in Maine. Not the best Northeast itinerary but I think my Mom and Mar will enjoy it. When we are in Bar Harbor we will meet up with my Aunt Dotty and some of her family for lunch, after we all take a little bus tour of Acadia National Park. I love the northeast, I really do. I'm hoping this may prompt Bob to want to take a road trip up there sometime in the future :)

I guess that is all that is floating in my head for right now. It’s a bright sunny day here, hopefully the same for you all. Cheers!
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