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We totally bated all weekend, or Bates-ed may be more appropriate. We binge watched our way though the final season of Bates Motel, and watched the original movie Psycho Friday night. Tonight we will watch the series finale. I’ve loved Bates Motel since its first season in 2013. Vera Farmiga and Freddy Highmore played out Norma and Norman Bates so freaking well. We taped the final season instead of watching it as it went along and went ahead and started watching it last week. The final season finally intersected with (or reimagined) the original movie, bringing in characters Marian Crane and Sam Loomis. The care they put in to recreating some of the scenes from the original movie, including the very famous shower scene (but with a huge twist) was awesome. There were some scenes that truly were copied word for word and movement by movement. I love it when a show pays such a homage to the original they so clearly loved. After a couple of episodes dealing with the Psycho storyline, they moved on past it. Tonight we will watch the grand finale.
I have no idea what to expect for how it ends, I’ve deftly avoided spoilers on this one. I can’t wait!

Otherwise, we didn’t do much at all this weekend. I did more tape and CD clean up. All my old compilations are now copied to the computer. Glad to have that done. There was one very important (to me) one I couldn’t find, a CD copy of an unfinished musical my friend Gilbert Moreno wrote before he died called Tales. I still have the original cassette tapes but couldn’t find the cd I had copied them on to. It wouldn’t be a big deal except I don’t have a working cassette to CD player now. Looking for it I actually found a whole box of cd’s and cassettes that I had never opened or looked at since we moved. But the Tales cd I was looking for wasn’t in it :( But I did find a whole bunch of recordings from when I was a kid. All on cassette tape, boooo. I need to fix my damn old stereo to get those copied to cd LOL If I remember right, they start out as recordings of me as a baby, screaming and crying, with Beethoven playing in the background (don’t ask) and then some when I was a little older and learning to talk with my dad asking me questions. One piece I do remember from them is my Dad asking me the sound a cat makes and my little "meow meow meow", then he did more animals and I dutifully repeated their respective barks and moos. Then he asked what sound a turtle makes... this was followed by a loooong silence as my little head tried to figure that one out. Finally I said "turrrrtle! turrrrrrtle!" LOL There are also ones from when I was a little older, reading stories like Clifford the Big Red Dog and just being a little chatty thing entertaining myself with the tape recorder LOL I really really need to get those all copied to CD. Anyway, I found that little treasure trove, but no luck finding the cd copy of Tales. I finally gave up but then it struck me that maybe I had copied the files to the computer long ago. Bingo. I found the folder on my computer and hooray, it was a good copy so I copied it to cd and hooray, I have multiple backups on several platforms of Gilbert’s big unrealized dream. I don’t want to lose that ever! I wonder if anyone else out there still has copies. Anyway, in my search, I ended up putting about 90% of the box of cd’s I found in the recycle bin. In addition to the cassette tapes I found, I pulled a handful of cd's that were sentimental to me but the rest were ready to go. Another box gone. :)

Yesterday I skipped the (what apparently is now an *every* Sunday) brunch with some friends, but Bob went ahead and went. I don’t know why, but doing brunch every Sunday with the same people at the same restaurant gets old to me very quick. I'm so weird some times. I get very resentful about things that are an "every time" sort of thing. I think that is why season tickets to theater and the chorus and such are not a good idea for me. Just another weird part of my psyche I guess. Anyway, maybe if they were a closer group of friends I’d be more into it, but I really don’t want to rush out to meet them every Sunday morning. It’s terrible but I think I’d even be more into it if they tried different places. But… same bat time same bat channel next Sunday is their M.O. Thankfully Bob is good with me skipping occasionally. While he brunched, I went to the farmers market (another reason I don’t want to do brunch every Sunday, I love the farmers market and would miss it since it closes at 1). It was such a beautiful morning, and lots of cuties out in the market for sure. Oh, and nice fruits and veggies hahaha. It’s still just a tidge early in the season, not a huge variety, especially of the things I look for, tomatoes, corn,nectarines, melons, etc. But I did get some big artichokes and a very very sweet half box of strawberries. MMMMMMM. Oh, and I got garlicky cheese curds too, mmmmmm.

So that was about it for the weekend. Nothing social on my end really. Just a nice quiet weekend at home with my cat and my hubby, yay. :)

Date: 2017-05-01 03:39 pm (UTC)
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Danny and I don't bingewatche together, since we have different attention spans. I'll normally do that after he goes to bed and watch 3 or 4 episodes of a show.

I love the story of your tapes from when you were a kid!

Last month, Danny took all of our 400 or more CDs out of the jewel cases and put them in cloth binders made for that, along with the sleeves. The jewel cases all went out to recycling. Man, were those heavy! But we've gained more storage area. He's very good about that--me, not so much. I stopped going through my boxes late last summer, since we promised each other more purging as part of our 'we're in our 60s' downsizing projects.

I'm with you about the weekly meal with a group. I've just started one here, but rarely get to chat with more than one or two of the guys. I'm making an effort to see near different people when we go, which WON'T be every week.


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