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Phew… it was a busy weekend, and ***Spring*** yay. It was so warm and nice all weekend. Too bad it is supposed to turn cool and rainy again later this week :P

Friday was a holiday for me, happy Cesar Chavez Day. Yay for a 3 day weekend at least. Bob and I had tickets to go to the SF Gay Men’s Chorus so we decided to make a night of it. We got up there, checked in to the motel and then headed out to Midnight Sun to meet [personal profile] dhbearguy for drinks. Dave wasn’t performing in this concert so he got tickets to join us and see the show. He was joined by his cutie friend Jess and after a couple of drinks we grabbed dinner then headed to the theater for the concert. I have to say, I am just a little burned out on the chorus concerts. I don’t know if it is because I have gone to so many of them, or if it’s the ritual of going to every single one that is burning me out. The first half of the show was very nice. I can totally acknowledge how beautiful a job they do, but I found myself fidgety and not as into it as I feel I should be. I was hoping for a much more uplifting 2nd act but unfortunately things went horribly bad during intermission. As we filtered back in to the theater post-intermission, it seemed to be going a little long. Tim, the choral director, came out and told everyone that there was a medical emergency with one of the singers and the show would be delayed a bit. Tim came out a few more times and gave some minor updates, tried to stretch things along, doing a question and answer bit, talked about the upcoming tour in the South, etc. In the end, the rest of the show was cancelled. Dave was texting with folks backstage and it turned out one of the members had a heart attack and died right there on stage. What a horrible thing. Bob and I went ahead and left the theater and Dave stayed behind to go backstage and be with his chorus brothers in that horrible time. I felt so sad for them all. It had to have been a long rough night for so many of them, I know the SFGMC are truly one big family and losing one of their own right there had to have been devastating. They did carry on the next day, doing two more concerts that had to have been full of tears throughout. It had to have been both hard and healing for them to sign where they had just lost a member the night before.

After the concert, Bob and I were a little shellshocked about it all but carried on. Neither of us knew the man who died, but I was mostly concerned about Dave and others I knew in the chorus who were hurting that night. I contemplated just going ahead and crashing for the night when we got back to the hotel but Bob was up for going back out to the bars so we went on out. I ended up having a blast. I had a few drinks, we ended up meeting a few guys that were chatty and fun. One of them was a big Baby Huey cutie that was 22 and just adorable in a great big lunk of a cub sort of way LOL I had a great time flirting and chatting, ok and later on making out, with him. One of the other guys took a liking to Bob big time. I think he took a liking to us both but I really wasn’t interested in him, physically or mentally. I actually found him just a little annoying, but by the end of the evening he was all over Bob and I was super happy to see Bob getting some attention and lovin’s for once. We closed the bar and I stood outside talking and flirting with Baby Huey and a couple other guys. Bob and his little buddy came over and Bob told me he heading out and was going to swing by the guys apartment on his way back to the motel. OMG… he’s never done that before, like ever, in our 25 years. Leaving the bar with someone else? Kind of awesome though, good for him. He knew I wasn’t interested in doing anything with the guy so a 3-way was out, so he went ahead and went with the guy. I really was happy he did that.

After he left, I kept chatting out in front of the bar. This total hottie came up and asked if he could bum a smoke from one of the guys I was talking with. He was such a cutie. Baby Huey and I were totally flirting him up, and feeling up his furry chest and butt LOL We were all talking and suddenly he made a statement about being afraid to play around with anybody, because they all have AIDS and blah blah blah blah. I let him blather on a bit and was thinking “ok, I’m over this, time to go” but then I was like fuck it and said, “dude, can I be totally honest with you? I’ve been poz for over 30 years and when you start spouting off stuff like you just did, you don’t come out sounding very good”. He was very apologetic, and was sorry for offending me, which he didn’t really offend me, but a lot of other people would have taken it to heart big time. We talked a bit more, I edjumacated him a bit more on HIV and all that stuff, then bid him a goodbye with a hug and another nice feel of his furry butt LOL I walked Baby Huey to the corner and he asked if I wanted to come over to his place for a bit and I just gave him a big kiss and a “next time” and headed back to the room to crash. Bob showed back up at the room about 4. I was still amazed LOL

I woke up wide awake at 6:30, grrrrrr! I hate that. I read for a while until Bob finally got up and we headed on back to San Jose for a very quiet afternoon at home. I got a real nice nap in, or finished the previous night’s sleep hahaha We did not much else at all the rest of the day or evening, still wiped out from Friday night.

Yesterday we got up and headed over to Santa Cruz to have lunch with my dad and Sandy. We went over a couple hours early and took a long walk along West Cliff, watching the big waves and the surfers, then walked along the Boardwalk, making myself very hungry with all the sweet and salty smells of amusement park food. It’s always so hard when we go wander around the Boardwalk when I knew we are going to have lunch afterwards cause I want to eat all the bad food right now! LOL

Lunch with Dad & Sandy was nice. Just by happenstance it was their 40th anniversary, which was probably a bigger deal to me than it was to them LOL My dad looks pretty good. Definitely getting older and older every day but for 82 and a forever broken leg, he’s doing pretty well. It had been almost 4 months since we’d seen them, so I promised myself I wouldn’t let it go that long again!

The rest of Sunday was pretty quiet. Grocery shopping and TV mostly LOL And now back to the regular non-holiday work week. Bleh. With rain on the way, bleh bleh. LOL Oh well, more sunny days to come soon after I’m sure. Cheers y’all.
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