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hmmmm... I've been cross-posting my posts from dreamwidth but I'm not sure everything comes through the same. I answered some of the March question thingees last week but when I tagged the folks who asked the questions it came out weird. They aren't referencing the LJ tags. I hope this is working right :P

anyway, GRRRRR! Rotten start to the morning. A car was parked blocking my driveway this morning. I could not get out of my garage, just no way. I honked and honked. Shook their car hoping an alarm would go off. Cursed a bit, then finally gave up and went upstairs to get the keys to Bob’s car and took it to work today. I left a note in big letters saying if they do it again I will have them towed, but truth is there I doubt I could have had it towed any time quickly. GRRRR, I’m gonna be grumbly over it all morning.

Other than that, it was a good weekend. Saturday Bob and I went up to SF and met up with Dave to see the latest Peaches Christ show, Legally Black starring Bob the Drag Queen. What a fun show. The parody of Legally Blonde was spot on. It really helped because Bob and I made a point of watching the movie Friday night, so it was very fresh in our heads for the show the next day. It made me all the more impressed with Peaches’ shows.

After the show we went with Dave for a quick drink at Midnight Sun, then had dinner at the Cove before heading back to San Jose. I was pretty beat but Bob really wanted to go out to Renegades for their underwear party later that night. I almost sent him alone LOL But, I dragged myself there and once there had a nice time. We actually ended up staying until almost closing. I had a real nice time sitting and talking with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and Bob enjoyed watching the cuties in their skivvies LOL

I think I got to bed about 2:30, then was up, wide awake at 7. My ex Sal was coming over from Santa Cruz about 9 to pick up a butcher block/table Bob and I “borrowed” 23 years ago LOL Sal and I were boyfriends in the mid-80s, and were still very close friends when Bob and I got together. When Sal’s partner Steve died in 1993, Sal had a house full of Steve's stuff to try and part with. Bob and I were moving in to our first apartment so Sal gave us Steve’s table for the apartment. Sal being Sal… it was a “permanent loan” instead of just giving it to us. We’ve happily used it in every home from apartment to condo to house. But, there was just no place for it in our new place so when we were prepping for the move out of the house I called Sal to ask if he wanted it back or should we just get rid of it. Of course the hoarder he is said “OMG yes, of course I want it back” LOL It’s been sitting in our garage for a year and a half since. It was too big to fit in our car so Sal has always been waiting for a friend of his with a truck to come get it. So… he finally came and got it yesterday. I only got to visit with him for a short time, his friend had to get back over to Santa Cruz and get to work, but it was good to see him. I don’t see Sal often, but when I do I can always see bits and pieces of both why I fell in love with him *and* why I broke up with him all those years ago. He’s a good man, I’m glad he is still in my life :)

So now there is a nice big empty spot in the garage where that damn table was, and the long term memory of our friend Steve has left the house. And Sal has his 23 year old loaned table back hahaha I bet he puts in it his storage place and it isn't seen again for years :P

I think that is about it for the weekend. I wonder if that car is still blocking my driveway. GRRRR! Happy Monday folks!


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