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March is the ask me anything question month thingee. Got a question, ask away. Some that have come in are:

[personal profile] apparentparadox asks
What would you most like to have people say about you after you've died?

That’s a relatively easy one for me. I’ve thought about it before in terms of “how do I want to live my life, and have it remembered”. I don’t know I could pick any one specific item but things I would love to hear:

He made me laugh
He made me smile
He taught me something
He made a difference in my life (hopefully a positive difference LOL)
He was happy
He made my/the world better in some way

I think I’m pretty clear on what is most important to me, clearly I am co-dependent hahahaha

[personal profile] dr_tectonic asks
Who's the most popular superhero that does nothing for you? Which superhero do you think deserves way more love than they get?

Hmmmm, a popular hero I just am not in to… My first thought would be Deadpool, but I have to admit I seriously loved the movie last year. Still not hip on the comic though. Since Deadpool gets a pass for the movie though, I think I would have to choose DC’s version of Deadpool, Lobo. I’ve never liked that sort of bombastic wild for the sake of being wild character.

Hero deserving more lovin’s???? That is a super tough one. I’m not sure if I would want any of my underrated favorites to become super popular, that tends to ruin them over time. Right now I’m loving a book called Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, it’s sweet and it’s fun and has been somewhat under the radar. But I’m seeing Moon Girl pop up more and more places and its charm is in danger of getting lost with other writers and the need to “grow and change” to keep things from getting stale.

[profile] maxauburn asks
If you were a comic book writer, what book would you write, and what
changes would you make?

As fertile as my imagination is, I’m not sure I ever really dream up new stories for existing characters. I suppose there are minor changes I would make to some (say changing the new Kid Flash from Wally West II to Bart Allen), I think one of the things I love about comics is someone else takes care of the fantasy for me.

I think if you had asked this a couple years ago I would have had a somewhat different answer, as the books all seemed to be going through a dark time and were not enjoyable. Now I’m loving them more and more again, after about 5 years of not so great books being published there is a renewed energy that is drawing from the past, and is more light and fun. That would have been the change I would have wanted to see a while back, lighten up. Comics don’t need to be grim and realistic, they need to be fun. I’m glad they seem to be heading back that way.


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