Jul. 3rd, 2017

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Lordy I’m tired. What a whirlwind weekend. I was up early on Thursday morning for my flights to Fargo. Both were annoyingly delayed due to “small mechanical problems”. I barely made my connection in Dallas and then didn’t get in to Fargo until after 10 Thursday night, just as the last bit of sunlight was disappearing into the night. I loved the late night light in Fargo, looooong days with light starting around 5 am and disappearing about 10.

Friday morning I was up so freaking early for no reason. I woke up about 6:30 which was 4:30 my time, it should have been the other way around LOL I read while Bob slept til 8. We got up and headed over to Todd’s place. It was the first time I was able to see the home we bought him. We did a good job LOL It is a very nice condo, and great space for him, Angie and Kelly. Todd’s mom Lois was there so we took her and Kelly to breakfast while Todd and Angie got things ready for the wedding that afternoon. I really enjoyed seeing Kelly again. She’s grown a bit, but still totally adorable. And she does love her grampa. I’m amazed at how much I love that.

After breakfast we hung out a bit then went back to the motel to get out of their way and rest a bit. I was beat after traveling the day before and waking up so early. Around 3 Bob and I went to pick up Bob’s sister, Wendy, at her motel and then headed back to Todd’s for the wedding. The house was full with mostly Angie’s family. At first glance, very North Dakota religious redneck, but overall friendly. The two families didn’t mix much which was fine.

Angie’s mom was running about putting ummmm… boutineers? Is that what they are called? Flowers to pin on lapels LOL on all the immediate family. Angie’s father, brothers, and children, and Todd’s family… Lois, then Bob. I just sat and watched all the goings on. Then someone said they had one more flower and Angie’s daughter said that it was for Todd’s “other Dad, Phil”. I was touched, and didn’t expect it at all. And so began the rest of the weekend of being introduced as Todd’s other dad, or Todd’s Dad. Even Todd called me “his other dad”. I’ve gotten used to being called Kelly’s grampa, but this was the first time I was referred to as his dad. It really was unexpectedly touching to me. Todd has been a part of my life the same 25 years that Bob has but this was the first time I ever really realized he feels the same about me that I do about Sandy, my dad’s wife. Sandy is a parent and a friend and important part of my life. Realizing I meant the same to Todd was nice.

The wedding. It was very nice. They held it in the neighbor’s yard under a giant tree. Angie’s 3 older children stood by her side, and by Todd’s side were Kelly and Todd’s cousin Kent. Angie’s friend Jason performed the ceremony, in a kilt, which I hear really really irritated Angie’s parents LOL They are very religious and a kilted officiator and a non-religious ceremony is not what they would have liked for their daughter’s wedding (bad enough it was her second wedding LOL). The wedding was very from the heart, I could tell Jason cared deeply for Angie and Todd and was very sweet. They were pronounced man and wife and then did a secondary ceremony where they, and then each of the four kids, poured colored sand into a bottle, to celebrate the blending of their two families together. It was really a very nice touch.

After the ceremony Todd barbequed hamburgers for everyone… he needs work in his bbq skills, they were all raw inside, bleh. LOL… Kelly was eating hers and asked Todd’s Mom “why is this all red inside, I’ve never seen a hamburger red inside”. Lois just said that just means it is extra yummy. I wanted to beg to differ but didn’t want to confuse her even more. But bleh… he needs to learn to cook them better. After dinner Bob and I didn’t stay too long and went back to the motel for a quiet rest of the evening.

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast then went to pick up Wendy and head to Valley City, an hour west of Fargo. Angie’s parents were hosting a wedding reception at their house there and we headed up a few hours early and met up with another of Bob’s sister’s, Paula for lunch before the reception. Paula lives ummmm… I have no idea where, but somewhere deeper and a few hours away in North Dakota, so it was easiest to just meet her in town before the reception. Lunch was in a weird little restaurant called the Viking Room, and we had the sweetest little gay waiter. Lordy what a peppy little queen he was LOL Paula brought her husband and two year old grandson who she was babysitting for the weekend. He was pretty adorable. One of Paula’s daughters, Betsy, showed up with her two little ones. OMG, one of them was a holy terror. A holy terror!!!!! I think something is wrong with him honestly, he is beyond hyperactive and downright defiant. Truly… what a freaking little brat. After lunch we took him to the park to try and run off some energy (it didn’t help), then finally headed to Angie’s parents around 4. Angie’s parent’s house was decorated in an odd mix of holy crosses, religious-y artwork, and Harley Davidson stuff. It was pretty clear that Todd’s family (two gay dads and a bisexual mom) was not their cup of tea, but on the surface at least they were very friendly and nice and welcoming. It’s always hard not to feel the undercurrent of “they sure are nice too bad they are going to burn in hell” floating in the air towards us, but at least everyone was friendly. I spend quite a bit of time with Kelly until she wore me out, then mostly sat quietly watching all the friends and family socialize.

Soon it was time to head back to Fargo. We got back a little after 9 and I crashed fast knowing I had to be up at 4 for my flight home. Flights back to San Jose were easy and uneventful. But, still exhausting. After I got home I spent most of the afternoon being lazy and giving Sophie kitty lovins. Not much else.

This week, I suspect it will be quiet with Bob gone. I don’t think I will do much for the 4th tomorrow. I may wander up to the top of the hill and watch the fireworks over San Jose tomorrow night. Or not LOL Bob gets home Sunday so I anticipate a lazy week ahead. I even loaded up on lean cuisine frozen dinners to keep from cooking (or more important going out for fast food).

Happy Monday and enjoy your 4th y’all!


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