May. 15th, 2017

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It was quite a weekend. Friday was Bob’s and my 25th anniversary. 25 years since our first date. That first date night we each went to our weekly HIV support groups (mine was for those with HIV, I think his was for those who lost someone), then we met up in the lobby of the church the groups were held at. We went to Burger King and then back to his house to watch TV and eat. His son came home soon after we finished eating and I wasn’t sure what the story was or if Bob had overnight guests when Todd was home or what. So, I politely said it was time to go and ended our date. Possibly the only man I didn’t have sex with on the first date and I married him, I’m so traditional hahaha Anyway, our story has many twists and turns and ups and downs over the 25 years since, but we are still here and still moving on. Yay for that.

I took the day off on Friday so got to sleep in a bit. We got up and exchanged cards and the annual year in review letter I write for us every year. It was a much less tumultuous year this time around, another yay.

Bob had a HIV planning meeting to go to for a short bit then he and I headed over to Santa Cruz for a beach day. OMG it was gorgeous over there. It was warmer and nicer at the beach than it was in San Jose. Amazing. First thing I did when we drove in to town was stop at Ferrell’s Donuts. My favorite donut shop ever. Lordy I remember so many drunken stops there when I was a teenager. DONUT!!! Lol. So we got donuts to enjoy later and headed on towards the beach. We parked the car near the yacht harbor and walked along the beach and cliffs quite a ways. We eventually made our way up and over the river to the Boardwalk. We rode the Big Dipper roller coaster and walked around a bit before stopping to eat, he had an ice cream cone and I had a giant corn dog. It was clearly a day of decadence hahaha. We slowly made our way back to the harbor and the car (it seemed much further going back) and then headed back to San Jose, with my pirate’s booty of Ferrell’s donuts waiting for me to enjoy through the weekend LOL

Once we got home I rested a little bit before we got ready for dinner. We went over to pick up Ty and Tim and head to Saratoga to meet with Joe and Dan. Ty and Tim are notoriously late and I knew our dinner reservations would not be held if they were late, so going to pick them up and take them to the restaurant seemed like the easiest way to ensure they were on time It worked.

Joe and Dan also showed up on time and we headed in to La Fondue for our big anniversary dinner. I had come up with the idea of all of us having a fancy dinner together since Joe and Dan hit 25 years last August and Ty and Tim did in September. Joe, Ty and Bob were all close friends back then and it’s so interesting to me how 3 of them ended up coupling up with Dan, Tim and I for a lifetime right around the same time. 1991/1992 seemed to be a good period for couples. I know a few others that coupled in that same period.

Dinner was awesome. I love fondue restaurants and hadn’t been to La Fondue in prolly 20 years. The group was totally confused on how it worked and how to order, it was hard for me to not be totally grumpy over their confusion. It seemed so clear to me LOL Finally, when it came time to order, I just said “do you guys just want me to do this?”. They agreed so I got all the things I wanted, yay for confusion hahaha.

The set up, you get a salad to start, then the next course is a cheese fondue. You have about 8 different cheese fondues to choose from. Since we were a group of 6 we got to choose 2. They just weren’t getting that. I ordered us the cheddar beer and four cheese mushroom wine fondues. They do the melty cheese thing in the pots and bring you big trays of things to dip in them… breads and veggies mostly. OMG… so yummy.

The next course was the entrée course and you pick assorted meats to cook in the fondue pots. I picked 3 assortments, one that was mostly different marinated chicken and pork, one that was sirloin, lobster and shrimp, and the last one was the wild game plate… kangaroo, antelope, buffalo, alligator, wild boar and venison. They bring you the meats, all cut in to cubes and then you cook them in the fondue pots. The Sheldon in me was having a very very hard time with everyone else. I would put meat on my 3 fondue sticks and place them nicely in the pots, knowing where they were and blah blah blah. Everyone else was just putting the meat in, forgetting which was theirs, taking *mine* that I had so carefully chosen and placed where I would know it was mine LOL I can laugh at it now but it really was irritating the heck out of me at the time. Leave my meat alone!!! All in all it was fun though and so yummy.

The end was chocolate fondue for dessert. O! M! G! so good. We ordered a dark chocolate with ummmm… other stuff in it, and a white chocolate with Bailey’s Irish Cream. They brought couple of trays of things to dip… pound cake, rice crispy treats (win!!!), snickers bars, marshmallows, cheesecake, ice cream balls, fruit… lordy so much. And so good. What a nice night it ended up being. Though I really was about as stuffed as stuffed could be when we were done. The bill came out to just under $700, yikes! Definitely a special occasion type splurge, but very worth it.

So, we drove Ty and Tim home, and went to bed so completely bloated and full, I still didn’t get to start eating the donuts I bought hahaha. Saturday we were pretty lazy, didn’t really have breakfast or lunch after our big food day on Friday, and just took it easy. In the afternoon we finally went to go see Beauty and the Beast. I’m a little iffy on Disney remaking all its animated classics in to live action classics but it was a fun movie. I think I enjoyed it as much or more than the original so all good. It really is such an easy cash cow for Disney, redoing their movies again. I enjoyed the Jungle Book remake well enough, and now Beauty and the Beast so go them I guess.

Sunday was a do nothing-ish day. I fiddled around with copying old VHS tapes to DVD (thanks for Dave for letting us borrow the recorder) and got quite a few copied. One of my oldest tapes though, the first RSVP cruise tape in 1992, just won’t play. I’m bummed. But, I think the film quality may be ok, it’s just the tape mechanism. I will just have to pay to have it converted to DVD I think. We ended the weekend with me making stir fry for dinner and watching Guardians of the Galaxy in preparation for going to see GotG volume 2! I'm looking forward to it.

So wow… that was a longish post. Haven’t done that in a while. Now I’m ready for a nap hahaha. Happy Monday world!


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