May. 8th, 2017

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Seems like every time I turn around it’s Monday again. Poof, weekend (and another week) gone. It was a nice weekend though. Could have been a little warmer but at least not rainy. I went up to SF for a night out with [personal profile] dhbearguy on Friday night. That was nice. I was having a bad esteem night for some reason, feeling a bit out of place and not so much on the attractive. Oh well. Was nice to spend time with Dave, Steven and Jess for a bit.

Saturday I headed home and Bob and I went to some sort of spring celebration at a park near us. It’s a relatively new County park and is attached to a working farm. It’s just about the last farm land in San Jose I think, and is being preserved as such based on San Jose’s agricultural roots. I do remember farms and orchards all over the area growing up, but they are all gone now. We have lots of malls and parking lots though :P Kind of sad. Anyway, it was a cute little/big celebration. Lots and lots of kids activities. I was glad Kelly wasn’t with us, she would have loved it but we’d have been stuck there all day hahaha.

Speaking of Kelly, I booked our tickets to go to Fargo at the end of June for Todd and Angie’s wedding. I’m only going to be there a few days since I’m taking a week off earlier in June for our New England cruise with my Mom and Aunt Mar. Bob will be staying back there a couple of weeks though, so he can go visit his sisters and also get some more time in with Todd. It will be nice to see the condo we got them finally, and what Kelly’s life in North Dakota is like.

Ugh… before our trips in June I really need to get in to an eye doctor and finally deal with getting glasses. My distance vision is shot, it’s actually really bad at this point, but I just don’t want to deal with it. Getting me to deal with MD type appointments is always a pain in the ass. I was good and finally went to the dermatologist recently… no new skin cancer, yay (I was sure I had one spot that was but nope, all clear :). GRRRRRRR when I showed him the spot he looked at it real close under the magnifying lens and such and then said “nope, it’s just a spot”. He should have left it right there, but then followed up with “that folks get when they get older”. GRRRR, he could have totally left that when folks get older part off and just said a spot. LOL I also went in last week to finally deal with the tennis elbow/tendonitis problem I’ve had for 6 months. OMG it has just been so damn painful almost non-stop. I’ve done everything, ice packs multiple times a day, stretches, advil… I even bought little weights to do exercises to strengthen it. But, it just wouldn’t go away and I finally gave in and went to the doctor or a cortisone shot. A big old shot in my elbow, yuck. But, I’m about 90% pain free now, and the little bit of pain is in the low range. Now I just need to spend the next few months really trying to strengthen and heal it, before the shot stops doing its thing. I’m kind of over this getting older thing.

Friday is Bob’s and my 25th anniversary. Holy Moley!!! 25 years. Amazing. We are going to have dinner with our friends Ty & Tim and Joe & Dan at the fancy fondue restaurant in Saratoga. I’m really looking forward to it. Ty & Tim and Joe & Dan started their relationships very shortly before Bob and I got together, so it will be sort of an all around 25 year celebration for all of us as couples. It should be a nice time.

Ooooooh-kaaaaaay… time to get some work done. Happy sunny May Monday (or stormy May Monday for some out there). Hope it’s a good one!


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