Apr. 10th, 2017

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Bob and I had a very quiet weekend. Like we did barely anything social at all. A nice rarity really. We were tiffing just a bit on Friday night, left over from some things on Thursday, so it was a very quiet Friday indeed for the both of us. I was kind of wondering if this was going to be a whole Bob isn’t talking to me weekend (which hasn’t happened in quite a while) but things seemed better and we talked things out on Saturday morning. I had had enough of the silent treatment so I went upstairs to the back bedroom and started a cleaning project. Bob eventually wandered up and asked what I was doing and then we chatted from there. All better now LOL

The cleaning project… it was a bit of a hard one. I have too much *stuff*. Too many things of heartfelt significance and I just can’t keep everything forever. Phase one of getting rid of stuff happened when we moved from house to condo a year and a half ago, now I seemed to be moving in to phase 2. I had literally hundreds of mix tapes I had made, going back to 1983. And a bunch of cd’s that I was never going to ever listen to again. I had converted about half the cassette tapes to cd quite a while ago but never finished the conversion project. Now, well I’ve downloaded pretty much every 80s song I ever listened to onto my phone and computer, keeping all the tapes and cd’s… there just was no reason to. So they are gone now, 3 garbage bags of cassette tapes and cd’s. 35 years of my history. In the end I couldn’t make myself get rid of the little cassette track listings that I had so carefully written out for every mix tape. I pulled those all out of the cases and kept them. But the actual cassettes and cases. Gone. It’s a little sad to me but I really feel better having a whole corner of the room freed up.

I also got rid of some other things, also sentimental stuff that feels just a little less sentimental 20 years later. Beads from New Orleans, including some that were hand made by a couple who I played around with a few decadences in a row. I figure if I can’t remember their names, do I really need the sweet sets of beads they made me? LOL Anyway, lots of stuff will be making it’s way to recycle heaven this week.

The big elephant in the room though… my comics. I just don’t know what to do with them. I must have about 25,000 comic books. They are taking up half the upstairs bedroom, but I still have about 10 boxes at my moms. There is a part of me that wants to part with them, or a huge chunk of them, but another part of me that just can’t fathom saying goodbye to the collection. Something has to happen at some point, I can’t keep these all forever though.

I think all this decluttering is somehow connected to my path to 50. And the fact that my mom is a hoarder. I had gone to her place to clean up my little corner of comics left there a week or so ago and her place is just a mess. Packed full of stuff. Stuff stuff stuff. She keeps everything. I don’t want to be that person. Bad enough I’m going to have to deal with all her stuff at some point anyway, I don’t want all my own to deal with too. :P

Anyway, I’m rambly. I think my head is in a weird space this week. Blah blah blah blah blah. The rest of the weekend stayed quiet. We went and had breakfast with friends yesterday and then came home to a lazy Sunday of doing not a whole lot. I'm good with that LOL

Cheers and stuff.


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