Mar. 27th, 2017

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Monday Monday… lalalalalala… I think spring is supposed to be rearing its head nicely this week, after the last week of rainy cool days it is supposed to clear up and be sunny and warm all week. Yay for that.

Bob and I had a nice weekend. My Aunt Judy, cousin David and David’s boyfriend Steven were all out visiting the family so we went up to my Gram’s in Galt for the weekend to see them. It was a nice visit. Poor Bob though, he has such a hard time keeping track of who is who in my family. OMG, I felt so bad for him when we got to Gram’s house and we were reintroducing everyone and he went up to Judy to give her a hug hello and said “and you are Linda, right”? The whole room gasped and went silent and all I could say was “oooooh, Bob”. Linda was my uncle’s first wife, who Judy has kind of hated for 50 years now. Poor Bob is so terrible with names but he definitely stepped in it with this one. I wish I could say all was laughs and roses but Judy was NOT happy LOL It truly took hours before she said anything to him.

Other than that, the visit was great. My cousin’s daughter Amanda was there and we haven’t seen her in a few years. I can’t figure out her story, all I know is something very creepy is going on. She got pregnant about 4 years ago and ended up marrying the father without telling anyone. Then she all but disappeared except for vague texts to her mom here and there. Her mom didn’t see her for almost 3 years. During that time she had a baby girl and then a year or so later a baby boy. The whole family has been worried about her and there was a lot of talk about maybe she was being held against her will and blah blah blah. We’re all pretty convinced her husband is involved in something very illegal, drugs most likely. About a month ago she showed up on my Gram’s doorstep with the boy and 7 months pregnant. But no daughter. Her story was totally weird, she and her husband are still totally happy but money was tight so they separated for a while and he took the girl and she took the boy and the unborn baby, and now she is staying in my Gram’s sewing room and we weren’t allowed to tell anyone else she was back until about a week ago. Creepy. I just want to know where her daughter is :P

Anyway, seeing her was nice, though her little boy is a little holy terror on wheels. I tried to stay away from him and his running, crying, screaming, and toy throwing LOL

Spending a little time with David and Steven was nice. David is only about 5 years younger than me but I’m amazed at how much more open and comfortable he is being gay with the family. He and Steven were hand holdy and huggy and blah blah blah. Even though I’ve been out with my family for 30 years, hell, Bob has been at almost every family gathering for the last 25 years, I still keep affection and my life as a whole pretty under wraps. Heh… Bob did come up and give me a kiss at the dinner table Saturday night, which of course set off all of my internal alarms but of course nobody else batted an eye. I do love that Bob enjoys spending time with my family so much. Saturday afternoon I was very ready to go check in to the motel and take a bit of a nap after spending the morning and afternoon with everyone. Bob was happily playing Yahtzee with my Gram, mom, Gar and David and decided to stay with all of them while I ran to the motel and back. I only got a half hour nap once there, Amanda needed me to run by McDonald’s and get her son some chicken nuggets for lunch, but a little disco nap and an hour alone was all I needed to recharge for the night.

We did a group effort making dinner at Gram’s and eventually Bob and I headed back to the lovely Comfort Inn and Suites Galt for the night. I was out like a light as soon as we got there, I was definitely people’d out LOL But… we were up the next morning and headed back to Gram’s for biscuits and gravy for breakfast. My aunt Gar made the sausage gravy. Gram’s used to be much better, much better LOL Unfortunately most of Gram’s cooking days are done at this point. I did help my Aunt Sue make some walnut rolls (like pecan rolls) that came out pretty yummy but otherwise I didn’t do much kitchen duty this time around.

After breakfast we got ready to head back to San Jose. Aunt Judy whispered in my ear that she thought she scared the bejeevers out of Bob when he called her Linda, but she bet he’d never do it again. I told her not to count on that, he’s real bad at that sort of thing. She did give him a big hug before we left, but also chided him a bit too.

Traffic home wasn’t bad at all, we got an early enough start that we avoided the end of weekend crunch. I think it only took an hour and a half to get home. I know I conked out for at least part of it. One moment we were just south of Stockton and the next we were somewhere near Livermore LOL I’m so glad Bob doesn’t mind driving for the longer drives. I tend to drive in town for shorter drives and he drives the longer ones. It works nice.

We got home, did our grocery shopping and pretty much just lazied through the rest of the day after a heavy social weekend. Now back at work but only a 4 day work week, yay for that. Yay for getting Cesar Chavez Day off on Friday, one perk of being a strong union County LOL

Happy Monday y’all!


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