Mar. 6th, 2017

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Finally getting back to the regular routines in life. Made it back to the gym for the first time in a month last week. I hurt my back in late January, then vacation, then sick then… WTF, it’s March LOL Wish I could say it was good to get back but meh, the gym is the gym and it’s still just a necessary evil in life LOL

We had a nice weekend. I went up to SF Friday night for a night out with [personal profile] dhbearguy. Bob ended up not going because he had a late afternoon appointment he had forgotten about. Dave and I did the norm, Midnight Sun, dinner, 440 and it was a good time. I wasn’t as outgoing and gregarious as I was on the cruise, and fell back into my wallflower ways, sigh. I wish I knew how to turn on that other part of me in the real world, not just on the cruises. Still, was a fun night out so yay that.

Saturday Bob and I took my mom to go see Hidden Figures. OMG, what a great movie. I really enjoyed it. Between watching much of the When We Rise mini-series last week and this movie, I’m a bit emotioned out. I’m ready for a silly comedy now.

I’ve really enjoyed When We Rise, even if it has been a bit tough emotionally. Bob and I have only watched the first 3 episodes, we still have the last one to watch. Most gay or AIDS historical movies and documentaries have been focused on the east coast and New York in particular. Having this focus on SF, it’s hitting a lot of big memory spots for me. I was too young to have actually experienced most of the 70s stuff, though I remember a lot of it like Harvey Milk, the Briggs Initiative, etc, just in the news as a child. But, when I came out in 1982, all of that history was still very much alive. So many guys I met had been through it all and I got to hear so many stories and history once removed. And the earliest days of gay cancer/GRID/AIDS… that I do remember first hand all too well. What a journey we have all made. I may not have been a big name mover and shaker like Cleve Jones or some of the others who we all have heard of out there, but I know I had a piece in getting where we are today, and I’m very proud of that. I just wish we didn’t have the current and pending setbacks we are facing now. I thought we were almost done fighting :(

Anyway, the show will bounce around in my head for a while I’m sure. The rest of the weekend… pretty lazy. We had breakfast with some friends yesterday and did our Sunday chores of shopping and such. Oh, it was haircut day too. Bob and I gave each other our haircuts and are now fresh and pretty for the next month. LOL

I think that is about all that is going on in our world right now. Moving right along.


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