Feb. 27th, 2017

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I think I’m finally over my cruise cold, yay for that. I actually just caught myself humming sitting here at the computer, that’s a good sign I’m feeling back to normal, hooray. lalalalalala. Oh, wait, lala was a mistake… humhumhum. I’m so glad it wasn’t a terrible cold but it did make for a long week dragging my ass to work and trying to do things like, you know, breathe LOL The only downside to it being gone… I can’t postpone my appointment with the dentist this afternoon to have a cavity filled. BOOOOOO! Going under the drill today. Bleh.

So, Bob and I had a good weekend, still mostly recovery mode, but we did venture up to SF Saturday night to dinner with [personal profile] dhbearguy & Jake at the always yummy Big Lantern, then were off to see show “Silence, The Musical”, a parody of Silence of the Lambs. OMG, what fun, and a whacky and dark show hahaha The cast was awesome, channeling Clarice, Hannibal Lector, and Buffalo Bill incredibly well. It truly was a funny funny show.

We didn’t do much the rest of the weekend. Yesterday was beautiful so I made my way to the Farmers Market. It was still a little too early in the season on anything super yummy to buy but was nice to walk in the sun in shorts and t-shirt and look at all the yummy eye candy out doing the same. We ended the weekend with me bbq’ing shrimp and sausage for dinner. It was still dark out, the light hasn’t extended that late, but was nice enough out for me to bbq. It was the yums.

I’m still desperately behind at work but getting caught up, hopefully the next couple of days will see me caught up and moving forward with my regular day to day stuff.

I’m still reflecting a bit on the cruise and such. There were a few times where I said to Bob and others that I wished I could be the person I am on the cruise in real life. I was just so confident and comfortable socially for that one week of the year. Going up and striking up conversations with strangers, walking around feeling 6 foot tall instead of 2 foot tall, flirting my ass off… just plain feeling good about being *me*. It was such a nice feeling, and so rare in life and social situations for me. Even Dave P commented on how I seemed much more comfortable in my skin than I normally do. Bob and I talked about it, it caused a couple of tiffs between us. He took my saying that I wish I was more like I was on the cruise to mean I wanted to go out and be sleeping around with every guy in San Jose. That wasn’t what I meant LOL I had to talk quite a bit about the difference between feeling confident and having some self esteem, versus having sex with everyone. The last thing I want is to ho around San Jose, but I’d like to be able to walk in the bar here without feeling my normal anxiety issues and you know, talk to people, instead of staying in the back corner watching everyone. I know there were times he felt a bit left out on the cruise, I was on hunting mission at times, but in the end we took some time and talked things out. Yay for that.

OMG… the other thing that stands out on this cruise, height! LOL There were SO many little guys on this cruise. I’m 5’5”, and I’m used to being the little guy in the group, but there were a lot of hot little guys, 4’10”, 5 foot, etc on this cruise. It seems like every time I turned around I had some little guy coming up and giving me lovin’s and hugs and kisses and mmmmmm. Dave P and Bob both noticed that too. At one point I was hugging this guy who had to be like 4 foot 8 at most. I was just towering over him, he was so adorable. And everyone was there going OMG, Phil, you’re so tall. I was playing like GRRRRRRR I’m a giant, GRRRRRR. It was hilarious really. I loved it. And then I realized I was doing ALL the things I absolutely detest taller guys doing to me. I was rubbing the top of their head. I was picking them up off the floor. I was playing “I’m a giant, grrr” LOL I felt a little bad about it, since I knew how much I hate it when guys do that to me. But OMG, they were just so sexy and cute and I wanted to rub all over them hahahaha.

So I guess that is enough cruise thinking for now. Back to work thinking I guess. Bleh. Is it vacation time again yet? LOL



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