Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Dear LiveJournal, it’s been over 3 weeks since my last confession post.

I had a great vacation, one week RSVP cruise and one week in Fort Lauderdale. The cruise was awesome as always, lots of fun times with [personal profile] dhbearguy, Dave, Robert, Gene, Steve, Connor and so many more folks on the cruise from year to year. Bob had a great time too, with only minor bumps between him and I during the time.

This year was on a new ship, the Holland America Koningsdam. It was essentially the same ship as we had been cruising on before, but a little bigger with some design changes, some good, some less so. Our first stop was Key West, where a group of about 12 of us just wandered the streets for a bit, took in the Butterfly conservatory and enjoyed the warm Key West sun. Next stop was Grand Cayman. We took a tour to go to come caves in the middle of the island. They were actually pretty cool. This was the first of two stops that Bob ended up skipping because he didn’t feel good (read, he drank too much and stayed up too late the night before). I was not real happy about that :P Next we stopped in Roatan, Honduras. We barely got off the ship for that. We just got off at the port and wandered around their little cruise ship shops and such. Our last stop was Cozumel, where we took a catamaran out into the blue. Fun day, too bad Bob missed that one too. GRRRRR!

No really big names this year, RSVP has leaned towards more entertainment of a smaller name than one big name entertainer. The shows were fun though. Ty Herndon, a county singer I’d honestly never heard of, was a great show and very touching. He just came out as gay to the world relatively recently and in the Country Western world that is a big deal. Amy and Freddy were there as usual, and put on another great show. I love them. Friday night we had “double date night” with [personal profile] dhbearguy & his friend Jake. We went to see Bob the Drag Queen, who was faaabulous and funny again this year, then had dinner at the fancy steakhouse. It was a great night (though I was soooo full at the sarong party we went to after dinner bleh hahaha)

Ships parties were the usual themes or slight variations. Underwear, leather, 80’s, a color party (red this year) etc. Some of the more unique ones were kaftan/sarong party and an “I’m coming out” party dedicated to pride and coming out. Bob and I wore rainbow tutus and little itty bitty rainbow cowboy hats for the coming out party. It was WAY out of my comfort zone being in a tutu but turned out to be way fun. OMG… for the red party, Dave Peat made us all kilts, out of duct tape. They were AWESOME!!! I never ever ever want to go out to the bar or a gay party wearing anything but those kilts. I got felt up and made out with more guys than ever before. They loved the kitls!!! LOL Next year I want him to make more, for a couple parties hahaha

Before the cruise I had told Bob that after the last couple of cruises where I had been very tame and not very sexual, I wanted to be a big ol’ ho on this cruise. Achievement unlocked!!!! I was a big big big ol’ ho LOL It has been years since I just flat out sewed my wild oats in such a grand manner. I haven’t discussed my sex life much on LJ for a while but one thing that has happened is over the last year or so I seem to have made a complete switch from bottom to top. It is very weird. I don’t know what happened but BAM!!!! I seem to be a top LOL and LORDY LORDY… the mens, they can smell it on you hahaha “sniff sniff, ooooh, top!” I fucked more butt on this cruise than I probably have in my whole life combined hahaha. Dave P and I were talking about an encounter I had with a thruple the night before, where I took turns fucking all 3 of them, and finally he was like “I don’t even know you anymore, when did you become a top???”. LOL it’s all good fun really, but damn, I’m so enjoying fucking butt lately. What happened?????? Hahaha

The infamous “dick deck” was closed from the 2nd night on. Apparently the first night, things got out of hand and guys looking for quick sex in the dark made their way to the private cabanas on deck, broke locks, soiled the cabanas, yada yada. Stupid stuff. The ship put the kibosh on anyone going to the dark top deck areas after that. I was really quite grumpy about it. It became a civil rights issue in my head hahaha. honestly, I don’t care if I can’t go suck dick somewhere, but I know there are a lot of guys who really count on that part of their trip. I know Bob didn’t get to really play with anyone at all. He is a bit too old to attract guys attention on the dance floor, and isn’t much into the “go back to someone’s room” hookup thing anyway. Without a dick deck area he didn’t have anywhere to really get sexual contact at all. I know it weighed heavy on him, especially since I was running off to cabins daily. He had a lot of envy issues come up during this trip. For me, I wandered up there once and found a group of guys huddled in the dark, started to watch a little and then security came along, threatened us, got on their walkie talkies chased us away. I felt like I was 15 years old being chased out of the gay bar parking lots by the cops in 1983 again. I know I’m not putting this in words right, but it felt VERY oppressive and homophobic the way it was handled. I actually wrote a long letter to RSVP and went all Harvey Milk and Martin Luthor King on them… I have a dream!!! Hahahahaha I really should choose my gay rights causes and battles better. It just bugged me the way they handled it. RSVP did make one announcement at one of the shows, as they do every year, saying no public sex, but generally that has always meant dance floor, elevator, hallway anywhere where there are ship staff, but they have kept the uppermost top deck free of staff at night. Oh, and then they made another announcement about taking it to your cabin, or if you need, the handicap stalls on the lower decks make lovely areas to hook up. Again, it felt like the early gay days when we had to find sex in dirty bathrooms. They should have been open and honest about why it was closed instead of being hush hush and sending in security to strong arm guys who were just looking for some human contact, and cum LOL

OH!!! So at the at the underwear party a group of 3 of us wandered up to the dick deck because we had no place else to go. Of course we were flashlighted and shoo’d away before we could even get up there. The group of 3 became 5 (I felt like the golden goose) and we all wandered off in search of somewhere! We were walking along and there really was no place at all to go to play. All of us had husbands or roommates asleep in our cabins and finally I just said “geez, I wish there was someplace we could just go and play and be done with it”. Then a big wind blew wooooooosh… a storeroom door blew open right in front of us hahahahaha So… we ended up playing in the storeroom because clearly the higher power heard my wish and blew the door open. It was meant to be. And fun.

So yeah… this was a high sexual trip for me. Now I’m back to my normal once in a blue moon I’m sure, but it was a fun cruise, sex and otherwise. After the cruise we were back in Fort Lauderdale for the rest of the week. We stayed at a gay resort but it wasn’t much by way of playful. We were all so beat after the cruise, late nights partying wasn’t in the cards. We did go to Universal Studios for the day though. OMG what a long day that was. We left at 6 am and got to Orlando about 9. Spent the whole day at Universal, rode pretty much everything, then made the 3 hour trek back to Fort Lauderdale. SO much fun. OMG… I finally got smart and asked my doctor to prescribe the seasick patches for me. Oddly enough I never get seasick on ships now, but I stick get theme park sick. The scopalamine patch helped a LOT. I rode all the highly visual and head spinny rides and didn’t feel like crap at all. Hooray. I’m going to wear a patch whenever I go to amusement parks now.

All too soon it came to an end. Bob and I came home Friday and had a quiet weekend at home. Holy Moley was it stormy. Lots of rain, lots of flooding and mudslides and such. But we were fine where we were. Monday was a holiday so I came in to the office to catch up a bit before officially being back. I was in the office 4 hours and got through about 250 emails before giving up and going home. And then that night… achoo!!! I got a cold. A dirty rotten cold. I made it through Tuesday at work and part of Wednesday but came home after a few hours yesterday. I’m back today, sniffing my way through a whole lot of emails and fires to be put out. I’m just glad I didn’t get sick while on vacation for once, yay for that.

So I’m back, making my way into the real world again. Can’t wait for next year!!! LOL


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