Jan. 17th, 2017

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Bleh… I’m so freaking tired. I accidentally took my morning meds before bed last night… including one of my blood pressure pills… the water one. I was up having to pee all freaking night LOL I haven’t accidentally swapped my morning and evening pills in a long time. UGH!!! I used to be on one med (thankfully no longer) that really messes with your head. It was ok at night, I would sleep through it, but every once in a while I would accidentally take it in the morning and be like fuuuuuuck!!! There were a couple of times I had to call Bob to come pick me up from work because I took the damn pill and couldn’t function. Couldn’t think, couldn’t drive, just couldn’t period :P Thankfully nowadays the water pill is the only one that really matters whether I take it in the morning or not.

The rest of the weekend was good if somewhat lazy. We went out with my Mom and Aunt Saturday night for our annual new year dinner at our favorite Chinese place. I’ve been going there 30 years now but haven’t been nearly as often as when we lived across town. The waitress was like “what you don’t like us anymore, did you move out of town?”. It was sweet, she always remembers us. Mmmmm… Chinese food LOL

Sunday was regular chore day. We went to the farmers market. OMG it was so cold. Well.. California cold, like 40 degrees or so LOL I felt bad for the vendors who came out. There were about half as many as in the spring/summer. We didn’t get much, just some artichokes and cheese curds that I like to put in my refried beans. LOL… the artichokes… there were six of them left sitting on the table. I was going to buy 3 for $5 and the lady was like, please, just take them all for $6 so I can go home. I did. They have been yummy for dinner the last two nights!!!

Yesterday was the MLK holiday so I got to sleep in, then went in to the office for a few hours to close out the payroll for everyone and write up the annual reviews for my staff, which I have been putting off for months. It’s a little weird because they are no longer my staff as of 2 weeks ago, but I owe them appraisals for the last year. I really hate doing appraisals. But, they are written, just need to meet with the staff now :P

Afterwards I picked up Bob and we went to my Mom’s house to take down her Christmas tree. I always use the time to poke around the house to see how her hoarding is going. It’s getting bad again. Bedroom 3 is pretty much packed 4 – 5 feet high full of “stuff”. Bedroom two is quickly filling up now that I pulled most of my comics out of there. Bob and I talked about planning a few purging weekends this spring to help clean stuff out again. UGH!!! I also desperately want to go through her pantries and get rid of all the expired food. I know things like cream of wheat aren’t desperately connected to expire dates but stuff that expired 5 years ago should get tossed if for no other reason than it just sits there forever.

Now on to a 4 day work week. Yay for that. We are supposed to go to SF Friday evening for a night out plus tag on to the likely inauguration protests in town. Though it is supposed to be super stormy that night too, so maybe we will just go out and drink in protest instead hahaha. Saturday we want to be back in San Jose for the woman’s march protest in the morning, also probably in the rain :P In any case, looks to be a busy weekend coming up :)

Happy Tuesday y’all!


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