Jan. 9th, 2017

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They hyped a “prolific” storm this weekend. It was pretty much a dud, at least for us. I guess the rest of the bay area got hit hard this weekend but we barely got any excitement at all. We did lose power for a few hours but that was probably some poor schmuck running into a power pole instead of actual storm damage. I was really looking forward to some big downpours and stuff. Oh well.

Bob and I did go walking in it for a bit yesterday, and got adequately soaked. We were going to go for a drive so we could see how high the Guadalupe river had gotten but I remembered we had no power which mean no garage door opener either. I know there is a way to open our garage manually but I’d rather wait for the zombie apocalypse to figure out where the manual override is on the thing. The walk was nicer anyway.

It is funny how when the power is out you keep running into, “we will do this” and then are like “doh!!! No power”. It was pretty much a constant… let’s go for a drive. Nope, can’t open the garage. We’re soaked, let’s just throw our clothes in the dryer. Nope, no power. I’m starving, I’ll just microwave som… damn it, no power LOL

We didn’t do much else this weekend. Waited for the big storm that never really came. Watched the 4th season of Orange is the New Black (I so love this show). Napped. That was about it LOL

This week… Bob has a colonoscopy appointment. It was scheduled for last week but got rescheduled, so now he has to deal with it this week. I will take off Thursday to take him to/from the appointment. He has started his low fiber diet and on Wednesday will stop eating. What a sucky ritual. I anticipate my first one will be in a year or so. Joy!

Work was actually really pleasant last week. We are still transitioning pulling the Admin team off of my supervision and moving them to the new OMC we created. Still, what a weight off my shoulders. I truly felt kind of almost sort of happy and engaged at work last week. I hope this buys me at least a few more years of satisfaction here, I really was looking at moving to another agency a few months back. It sucks to dread every day. But… yay for them helping me out!

Ugh, my Aunt Garland was hospitalized last week. Whatever the horrible horrible illness going around it, it got her good. She’s been in for a week now. She ended up with pneumonia and there is something going on with her oxygen levels, they can’t keep them up. My mom ended up going up to Galt to take care of my Gram, who is also sick, since Garland isn’t able to take care of her. It’s interesting, Gar being sick changes a lot of dynamics. She is sort of the leader of the pack at this point, with her disengaged it really changes things. As my Mom, her sisters and my Gram all get older, I can see there is going to be some struggles to deal with more and more, depending on who goes when. I’m not looking forward to it at all.

I guess that is all that is going on in my little world. Life just continues to move a long chug-a-lug chug-a-lug.



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